Please recommend Dial-Up ISP's

  Indigo 1 00:36 03 Apr 2004

My friend is looking for a new ISP. She can't get BB and wants a cheap reliable and not too complex service.

What are the favourites and where can she find them ?

All suggestions welcomed.

  El Cavaliero! 00:44 03 Apr 2004

Part of Time computers (don't let that put you off!) been with them for about 4 years and can count on fingers of one hand when it hasn't connrcted first time.

  Indigo 1 00:46 03 Apr 2004

Thanks I'll check it out.

  Djohn 00:53 03 Apr 2004

Hi Indigo 1. Freeuk is a good ISP if you just want to pay as you go. No fees at all, just the cost of local phone call depending on time of day/night or weekend. Also you can have the ISP number down as "Your best friend" even cheaper rate from BT.

Sign up on-line or give them a phone call. You could even download the small setup file on your PC direct to floppy, insert in Friends PC and click on the setup icon, on-line in a minute. j.

click here

  Gandalph 01:17 03 Apr 2004

I've been with BT now for about three and a half years and can't fault the service. £7.99 per month added to your phone bill for Surftime. No line charges between 1800 and 0800 hrs Monday to Thursday, and 1800 Friday to 0800 hrs Monday.

  Indigo 1 02:20 03 Apr 2004

Some good suggestions thanx.

Where can I get an non biased review of all the dial-up ISP's available so's I can weigh them up against each other ?

  computernerdiamnot 03:09 03 Apr 2004

VIRGIN i have been with virgin since they started they do pay as you go or unlimted for £13.49 a month easy to set up and i have not had any probs with the service and you dont have any 12 month contract for 24/7 or broadband.

  kimjhon 03:35 03 Apr 2004

Gandalph , do you think what I'm paying is is OK, please?

I'm paying only £7(inc. Vat) a month for SurfTime ( evening and weekend)

Plus the same again for BTYahoo Internet services.

Plus £12.50 a month for line rental.

  the kopite 03:39 03 Apr 2004

In my humble opinion (I can hear the boo,s )already AOL is the way to go with the new aol 9 and free phone and online help and no cut offs its very good Kopite

  computernerdiamnot 03:51 03 Apr 2004

virgin has reduced 24/7 to £12.49

  kimjhon 04:11 03 Apr 2004

Some info on Virgin
click here

It cant be : I'm paying BT £1 more for evenings and weekend than I would pay Virgin for 24/7 ? !

Getting confused here. The Virgin price does not include the ISP , surely ? ?

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