please recommend an anti virus?

  march 15:18 19 Apr 2003

having problems with pc cillin anti virus want to get rid so which free anti virus would you say is the best?
thanks march

  -pops- 15:23 19 Apr 2003

Most of the regulars on here would most likely suggest AVG.


  tommy 15:26 19 Apr 2003

AVG and it's free

  powerless 15:27 19 Apr 2003

Very carefully click here for AVG.

  Happy1 15:33 19 Apr 2003

I use Norton AV Plus Norton Firewall. Is AVG better than Norton? If so Would it clash with Norton Firewall? Thanks

  -pops- 15:36 19 Apr 2003

AVG is free. Norton costs, repeatedly. No contest!

Likewise with Norton Firewall. It costs. There are a number of free ones. I use Outpost (as does the Forum Editor).


  march 15:38 19 Apr 2003

thanks think I will give it a go, been looking through rest of forum while waiting for response seems avg is quite popular is it easy to understand?

  DieSse 15:41 19 Apr 2003

For the AV which produces the best and most consistent results in professional tests click here. To see the test results click here (NOD32 is from eset in the tables)

Also note that NOD32 has the most minimal impact on system overhead of any of the major packages - see the nod site for this reference.

  powerless 15:42 19 Apr 2003


I actually use Norton Anti Virus 2003 as it came with the computer.

I just have lots of useful favourites so provided a link to the AVG site. click here

click here for some tests. AVG does not do to good, but in saying that lots of people use it on this site so it must be doing ok and catching those little pests.

  DieSse 15:45 19 Apr 2003

Is AVG better than Norton?

Not if you look at the tests carried out by the major independant AV testing organisation - see link above.

  powerless 15:48 19 Apr 2003

After a year how much are updates for NOD32?

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