Please Read This (again)

  €dstowe 11:40 23 Oct 2004

At the risk of disappearing under a deluge of brickbats, I feel I have to say that there are several current threads which could have been completely avoided merely by the expedient of having a backup.

As advice to those who, for whatever reason, haven't made a backup:

!!!DO IT!!!

  JonnyTub 11:42 23 Oct 2004

And do it now!!

  rawprawn 12:14 23 Oct 2004

Please follow this excellent advice (Again)

  jack 12:22 23 Oct 2004

At once! ;>)

  end 12:28 23 Oct 2004

and just how do you do that on Win 98se if you have no CDWriter available:)
and what are you supposed to "back-up":(
I plead ignorance on this, and may well get slated for saying so:)
anyone else care to join me?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:34 23 Oct 2004

click here for a guide!

  €dstowe 14:03 23 Oct 2004

It really is up to you how you carry out your backup. There are other ways of doing it which don't require a CD writer.

What you are supposed to back up is all the information that would cause you loss/despair/inconvenience/nervous breakdown if you didn't have it backed up. For most people, that means everything on their computer.

If you are really not sure about backing up, there are plenty of threads on there (some even posted by myself) and elsewhere.

  Valvegrid 14:38 23 Oct 2004

Thinking about it logically, if your computer is working OK at the moment, then all the drivers etc are probably on the Windows 98 disk, any additional drivers you could probably download off the Internet if you haven't got them on a CD, that goes for all your AV and scumware zappers as well.

That leaves all your important data like documents, spreadsheets and picky's . They usually are small enough to put on a few floppy disks.

There is another way which I use, I have a couple of personal web sites I use to keep a lot of data on, like circuit diagrams, data sheets, picky's etc, they are both duplicated, so if one goes down, I can use the other. I also let the rest of the Internet access them for information (no personal stuff of course).

So, just think what you need to do if one day you switched on the machine and nothing happened, a new hard drive was needed, what do you need to do to get up and running again?

  Noelg23 14:44 23 Oct 2004

I agree...always BACK UP!!! I have to admit I dont really do any of this but thats cos I know I can get everything back from backing up to CDs previously so whatever happens I am covered...I a way of backing up but partitioning my 1st hard drive and storing all my music and other files that I have downloaded (drivers and stuff like that) so in the event that the system goes mad on to Safe Mode and back up to CDs (if it flaming works...but yes back up back up and if I didnt say it BACK UP!!! (note to self must do back up when I get home this evening from work!!)

  Valvegrid 14:50 23 Oct 2004

Oh, just a thought, its no good backing everything up to another partition on the SAME hard drive, what happens if the hard drive dies? Its happened to me at work a couple of weeks ago, no warning at all, the screen froze, then nothing! Luckily I had a lot of files backed up on the network drive, or other colleagues computers.

  Valvegrid 14:53 23 Oct 2004

Sorry, I'm not sure why I directed that at you, it wasn't intended for you specifically, just a general comment, I think you just reminded me, thanks :-)

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