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  €dstow 14:31 28 Mar 2003

I make no apology for a misleading or meaningless title here but I am back on my old hobbyhorse yet again and I want to get people's attention. Those of you who know what I'm going to be rabbiting about needn't read any further. For the others, here goes:

There have been threads recently that indicate a frightening lack of care and attention to keeping duplicate records/copies/backups of work. One instance was of two years research results being kept exclusively on a single set of floppies - and, of course, one of those floppies failed doubtless resulting in much panic (!?!?). There are others like a priceless collection of photographs lost due to a hard drive failure - no copies anywhere else.

Please folks, even if you don't do a full system backup (which I regard as vital), at least make multiple copies of anything you regard as any more valuable than a second class stamp.

As an extra precaution, don't use a CDRW to copy your information on to.

I'm going now to do my weekly chores of general computer housekeeping and a full system backup of all my machines. It only takes an hour or so. We'll be having our weekly studio meeting while this is going on and having our cakes and wine.

Please, please do a backup. You know it makes sense and it may avoid a panic visit here.


  Ben Avery (Work) 14:38 28 Mar 2003

you are a hive of useFUL information for the viewers here and we doth our caps to you.

Incidentally, despite the various threads saying not to use funny titles, I must admit (WHILE NOT ADVOCATING HERE PEOPLE!!!) that I read your title as soon as I saw it!


Glad I did, it was - still is - sound advice.


  Djohn 14:45 28 Mar 2003

Excellent advice as usual, Have a good weekend, and see you (in the forum) on Monday. J.

  Jackieanne 15:08 28 Mar 2003

I know not much but I always back up & keep copies of anything I value, probably too much as when last PC went in to be repaired & I was asked if there was any info on it - my answer was NO I have copies of everything so when it came back with windows reloaded from scratch it didn't bother me in the least!

  tenor 15:25 28 Mar 2003

The only reason I opened it,posted by €dstow,otherwise might have ignored it!Must admit,I like the title to give me a clue as to content.Would you open an email starting"please read this"?

  GroupFC 15:41 28 Mar 2003

Sensible advice,as usual.

I have only been visiting this Forum for a few months, but do look in every day (often two or three times a day!), as I am a novice user and wish to learn as much as possible.

No matter how cetain forum members title their posts, a regular visitor will recognise the names of those that give useful information and will always have a look!

Have a good weekend!

  €dstow 16:08 28 Mar 2003

All done for another week!

Tenor, you're dead right, I wouldn't open an email with this title but there are lots and lots of people who would. Perhaps it is they who could benefit most from this thread!

I appreciate that I might be preaching to the converted to many forum members but there is a constant stream, perhaps just a trickle mostly, of posts here with wailing and gnashing of teeth because they have no means of retrieving lost data.

Believe me, I've done it and I know exactly what it feels like.

If I can convert one member into doing regular backups, this will have been worthwhile. It doesn't even have to be a full backup, data only backups are better than nothing at all.


  Ben Avery (Work) 16:13 28 Mar 2003

Maybe next time (for the sake of not upsetting certain members) you should name it "Have you ever lost data?" or "Why Should I Backup?" or something similar.

You are certainly not preaching to the converted as "everybody needs somebody" to remind occasionally.

Nobody is perfect and as long as you keep our PC's on the straight and narrow, this forum will be a more benificial place.

Have a grand weekend...

...and don't forget to backup all of your important data tonight!



  Pesala 16:17 28 Mar 2003

I have always been reasonably careful with making backups. Since I use CD-RW nowadays, I tend to have more than one copy. I wonder, though, how many businesses, orhome users would be able to recover from a fire or robbery.

I am no insurance broker, nor a gambler, but I wouldn't be surprised if the likelihood of a fire or a robbery were greater than that of a catestrophic hard disk failure.

Any thoughts on this? Who takes their backups home with them, or stores them in a fire-proof safe?

  tenor 16:32 28 Mar 2003

P.s. I did it yesterday!Decided to reload o.s.Forgot some files in my music.lost them!(they were data files i keep them in my music to confuse myself)It worked a treat.

  €dstow 16:40 28 Mar 2003

Ben Avery (Work): It would be nice to think that there will be a time when threads like this aren't needed!!

Pesala: I take daily data backups home with me every night that's in addition to one from each machine left here in a safe. The weekly full system backups (on a hard drive in a caddy) are kept at home and brought here each Friday for updating. Our insurers are quite happy with this arrangement. I would strongly recommend following the advice of your insurance company, especially as you will want them to pay out if the worst happens.


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