steveo_8901 07:57 11 Jul 2006

My computer keeps freezing out at random times. sometime it freezes straight away when i switch it on, sometimes it will load window up then freeze 1,2,3 20 mins after startup. i have reinstalled windows xp on the system and formatted hard drive but still no joy. any ideas what could be causing this problem. it cant be xp because sometimes it freezes on startup when the computer has been off all night. help me please!

  Noldi 08:05 11 Jul 2006

I would open windows task manager Ctrl+Alt+Del and look at what the CPU and memory is doing.
I think there are other people on this forum that can help you better than me but I think they will need more info.

  xania 08:47 11 Jul 2006

I very much doubt that this is a software problem. The irregularity of timing coupled with the frequency of the problem implies hardware. Also software hang-ups frequently resolve themselves over time. The first thing to do is check to ensure that all your components are fixed tightly into the motherboard - CPU, memory, graphics card, sound card etc. These things can come lose over time and any loss of contact - even temporarily - will cause the PC to freeze. Also check the connections to your hard disc - data and power. If all these are OK, then I would suspect an intermittent fault in your power supply - or perhaps its not powerful enough for all the bits you have attached. A replacement is not very expensive and can save a lot of worry.

  martjc 09:06 11 Jul 2006 may have a memory fault - slightly dodgy module. If you have more than one, test the machine with single modules in. You may find one to be faulty then.

  steveo_8901 10:06 11 Jul 2006

thanks everyone, I will follow the advice and see if it gets any better. if not I think a new computer may be on the books.

  rmcqua 10:12 11 Jul 2006

I agree with martjc. Your symptoms sound very much like a RAM problem. Try swapping your module/s for known good ones and see what effect that has.

  steveo_8901 10:45 11 Jul 2006

so I take it that RAM can go wrong at any time? I have had no problems for 3 years with this computer. also I have now had computer on sice 9am and still no crashing. what a pain

  terryf 10:49 11 Jul 2006

Is it anything to do with temperature? are fans running OK?

  steveo_8901 11:01 11 Jul 2006

not got that much computer knowledge. i know when system starts up it shows cpu fan at 4500rpm and the system fan as 0. not sure if it has always been like this. however when i start computer up 1st thing on a morning after being off all night it can still crash straight away before windows xp even starts to load up!

  wee eddie 11:53 11 Jul 2006

Please give us a few more details about the PC?

It's specification, the day to day software you have installed, your ISP and any AV, Firewall, and other protective software you're running.

Also any changes or installations that you have done recently.

  Richiec19 15:25 11 Jul 2006

Sorry to jump on your post Steveo but I have a similar problem with my desktop, very annoying. I'm on the brink of buying a new one. have you had any joy fixing your problem? I'll watch your info with interest. cheers

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