Please please help!!

  ikle_pixie 23:33 13 Mar 2003

ARGH! Ok the story so far...

Right i'm in the process of building 5 computers for a company. They are Jetway 830CH with AMD XP 2000 and 512Mb of Ram, an 80Gig Hard drive and an LG Cd Rewriter. The OS we are using is XP home...i was a bit shocked to open the package to find XP Home with SP1. The cd's look a little on the brownish side but with all the holograms on and stuff. didnt know they dd them...

Out of the first batch of 5 hard drives that i tried, 3 were coming up smaller then what they were. On 2 the MBR was destroyed and the other i was able to install XP but it only showed as 38Gig. I was having terrible trouble. It wasnt copying dll's and then a blue screen would come up with a load of numbers on (you know the one saying "if this is the first time you have seen this message...") and i would have to restart. The it would tell me the NTDL was missing (no theres no floppy in!! lol) So we sent them back. I got a note from the enginneer telling me that he had run tests on them and they were fine, XP had said they were a 78Gig Partition and that they worked on the motherboard. There was a note on the bottom asking me to make sure i wasnt using an unpatched Windows 98. Cheeky sod. (when i tried one of the HDD they had returned, it was the one i had installed XP on and was still 38gig apparently. We've had trouble with our supplier before but the people above me kept using them so oh well. Anyway we got 3 more 80gig HDD from another source. (i'm only 20....i shouldnt be under this much stress!!);o)

So i got one of the new hard drives and started installing XP...but then it was having probs copying files again. I finally forced it to install but windows wasnt running properly. Kept hanging and restarting itself.
So i got fed up and have bought them home. Ive again tried to install windows XP but its doing it all over again. So i tried my personal OS to test it (2000) and the same thing happened. So i tried another CD drive but it was still having problems. So now im completely and utterly you lot must think i have no idea about computers! Now i rememer why im going into nursing!!

Below are error messages ive had...

A problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer.


**STOP: 0x00000001 (0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Beginnning Physical Memory dump..
Physical Memory dump complete...

So i restarted setup..


**STOP: 0x00000050 (0xFFFFFFEC, 0x00000000, 0x804EACF7, 0x00000000)

Then i get an error about the battery...which ive never seen before.

Then the final one i got is:

An error has been enounted that prevents setup from continuing.
The setup logs shud contain more info...shows me goddamn log which i never noted down sorry.


  cream. 23:46 13 Mar 2003

Oh dear what a tale of woo!

You have probably tried this but here goes.

Have you disabled the anti-virus in the bios. I know it rhymes, no pun intended.

Did you clear the cmos before starting.

Have you checked that all your irq's are enabled?

Not much I know but a start. lol

  ikle_pixie 23:46 13 Mar 2003

can i just point out that the cds have a brownish tinge to them....nothing like ive seen before..

  cream. 23:50 13 Mar 2003


38 gig is a strange number to come up with for the hard drives?

Any smaller and I would suggest looking for a size limiting jumper.

  Djohn 23:52 13 Mar 2003

That's the only bit I can help with, yes that is correct, sort of bronze colour with lots of holograms on!

  Stuartli 23:52 13 Mar 2003

This might sound a bit pedantic but, if you are building five computers for a company, surely you should know what you are doing before you accept the order?

  Djohn 23:54 13 Mar 2003

Sorry, forgot to say, it includes service pack 1.on the same CD.

  powerless 00:05 14 Mar 2003

Do you have a Windows 98 Startup disc? If you have pop that in and let the computer boot from that...

Now at the prompt type:


Now press Number 3 and delete everthing on the drive. After pressing 3 press 1 to delete the primary partition. Do this for any other partitions...

Now ESC and press 4...There should be now no partions of that drive so its all clean.

(you can also do this from the Win XP CD, it's in a more user freindly way. The reason i say do it from FDSIK its because the way i did it)

Believe it or not i had the same problem as you 2 and a bit days ago.

If you are sure that everything is connected up properly then stick in that XP CD and boot from the CD.

Wipe the CD also to clean it.

Go through the setup and then commence the install.

Now when you eventually get to the Desktop, install SP1 right away.

  Djohn 00:15 14 Mar 2003

The latest batch of XP CD's include service pack 1 as part of the O/S and automatically install. J.

  ikle_pixie 00:15 14 Mar 2003

Thanks DJohn..

Right, thanks for your ideas village idiot. with the jetways i have to clear the cmos at the start because they dont boot..and i think those other HDD's are damaged.

And Stuartli, if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all...i'm not that stupid.
I have built lots of computers...i know what im doing. But im stuck on this only bloody human..maybe you didnt mean it nastily, but sounds that way to me. Plus im not really in the mood..

Hey Powerless, im formatting as we speak...or type. I did it the XP way...i just feel like im going in circles...ah well...we'll see what this does...

  powerless 00:16 14 Mar 2003

I'm always the last to know.

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