Please look at my new site

  GSLF 21:52 12 Mar 2007

H, I have just created my first site and would like some feedback as to how it looks and how to improve.
Thanks in advance
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  Forum Editor 23:24 12 Mar 2007

isn't loading at the moment.

Maybe you can investigate, and post back when all is well again?

  computerboy 07:52 13 Mar 2007

if i was you and you wanted to see how many people where going on your website use an invisible website counter from, therefore you could see how many people go onto your site and they do not know that you can see it.

  computerboy 07:52 13 Mar 2007
  zinetic 09:04 13 Mar 2007

I have mysite up and running but I am not doing well on google rankings. Any advice would be a great help !!

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  GSLF 16:43 13 Mar 2007

Hi, thanks for your comments.
I accept what you say and am very happy with the response. One thing is the google search, i have herd conflicting comments about how google searches, some say meta tags and some say content.
Also what do Alt tags do? What are the rules?
Another thing is what is the best way to use %ges?

PS Keep the ideas coming, they are really useful.

  GSLF 18:00 13 Mar 2007

I am using dreamweaver 8.
I am very interested in how to change it to percentages.

  GSLF 18:00 13 Mar 2007

oh and thanks for the bit about alt tags

  SimpleSimon1 09:14 14 Mar 2007

Dunno about Dreaweaver 8 but I use the previous ver and I can't believe there's that much difference between the two!

Setting to % is very simple. Just go to where you've defined your table size in pixels (in D7, easiest way is to click on table tag in design view) and there should be a drop down on the units field. Click on this and you will see the different units that can be applied to any table size definition. You are using pixels - just set it to % and define what size you want the table to be e.g. 50%, 75%, 100% etc. Then your table will also be set to that % no matter what res your screen is running at.

You can also use the same approach in Tag inspector if you have CSS code overriding the HTML defintion.

Also, you can use percentages anywhere where you might use pixels to define size. Just get into the habit of clicking the units drop-down and you will see the various sizing options which apply. This applies to both HTML format options (BAD)and CSS options (GOOD!) - like you, I'm a bit of a novice at all this and am not quite sure when you'd use %-based text as opposed to pixels/points/ems/etc-based text. However, there's plenty of experienced people here who can answer these sort of questions....

Good luck

  GSLF 17:20 16 Mar 2007

I have now tweaked the site and have started a new discussion thread.
Please could you have another look and tell me what you think
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This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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