please help,my broadband is too slow

  habs2habs 23:26 26 Apr 2013

hi everyone

please i need your help.

i have SKY broadband,unlimited 16Mb.

the problem is the broadband speed is too slow.

i called the technical support too many times(they were so helpful).

the technical support asked me to go to (start,all program,command prompt,then type [B]netstat[/B],press enter.

the technical support told there are too many program were opened the same time,they were about 30 program,that is why the (Bandwith is too slow) and that why the broadband is too slow.

please is there any software to delete all these program in the background,i will pay for it.

the technical support asked me to take the laptop to computer shop to delete these program,because if i delete program whih i shouldn't delete it will stop the laptop working

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs2habs

  rdave13 00:16 27 Apr 2013

Not sure I understand Sky's technical support's answer. Have a look here for a lot of useful information on how to use Netstat in the Command Prompt.

For obvious reasons run your security software to make sure the PC is free from malware, so it's not being used as a Bot, which would use your bandwidth.

I would certainly not be happy with any Sky technician's reply if your PC is 'clean'.

Run their Speed tester (I'm sure they have one) and if still slow then complain again.

Test on another PC and I bet the results will also show a slow speed.

Hopefully Sky aren't trying to fob you off.... nah they wouldn't do that to their customers.

Would they?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:41 27 Apr 2013

CCleaner here


Startup manager - To manage your start-up programs, click the Startup button under the Uninstall button in the upper left of the interface. You'll see a list of active start-up items that launch when you boot up your system. Be very careful here: some items are not immediately identifiable and you wouldn't want to shut down your firewall, antivirus program, or any other important program. Disable those programs you do not need running at start. to see wht improvement you get.

When you have decided which programs you no longer need the you can also use CCleaner to unistall them.

Uninstall - Windows comes with its own Add or Remove Programs utility, but it's often slow to load and not the easiest Control Panel item to configure. CCleaner quickly lists all of your active programs, and lets you highlight and uninstall software you no longer want. This part of the program utilizes tools already included in Windows, but the convenience and speed for quick uninstallations is tough to beat.

  Jollyjohn 11:43 27 Apr 2013

Many things affect Broadband speed including distance from the exchange. Go to BT's site and look for coverage checker, or similar. Put in your postcode and landline number. This will give you the expected speed of your line. Compare with what you are actually getting and report back.

  wee eddie 12:15 27 Apr 2013

Firstly, you haven't told us what speed you are actually getting.

Try this USwitch and then tell us what you are getting.

  Wuggy 19:14 27 Apr 2013

It might be of value if you posted your router statistics. This should show the speed with which you sync with the exchange, your line attenuation (lower the better) and your SNR margin. Broadly speaking when connecting with ADSL the further away from the exchange you are the more the signal degrades and the lower your speed. To get your router stats you need to log in to your router through your browser. Type into your browser address bar and hit 'Enter'. In the log in box type User Name - Admin, Password - sky (unless you have personally changed these). This will take you to your router information page. On that page under 'Modem' it will show your downstream and upstream connection speeds. Clicking on the 'Show Statistics' tab at the bottom will open a window showing your line stats. If you can post these it may give an indication what is happening. You have not said whether you connect wirelessly or through an ethernet cable. If wirelessly you may wish to consider changing the channel from the default.

  habs2habs 13:58 28 Apr 2013

hi everyone again

thank you all for every help i received from you.

i ran full scan antivirus on my kaspersky internet security 2012,(no virus found) i checked my malware,spyware,no error found)

i took my laptop to computer shop and explained to him about (command promt),he told me that this (netstat) doesn't cause this.

after i have had enough,i cancelled SKY,and went to BT infinity2(76MB speed).

it is a little bit more expensive than SKY.

My brother,and the computer shop owner recommended me BT.

thank you again for all your help

my kindest regards habs

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