please help,i would like to upgrade to fibre broadband,which one is better

  habs2habs 14:55 26 May 2014

Hi everyone

please i need your advice.

recently i am with BT broadband unlimited,and i am so happy with the speed,reliability

I am using a lot of downloading big files,and online storage example: google drive,mega,etc...(download and upload).but it is taking a lot of times to finish.

Do you think if i upgrade to fibre optic it will be a lot faster(download and upload)for online storage

I would like to upgrade to fibre optic,but i am confused which one to choose,mainly they are 18 months contract(i would like 12 months contract).

please,I am sending you the links to help me choose which one is best regarding(price,speed,reliability,customer services,technical services).

I spoke to BT customer services,and asked him if i upgrade to BT infinity can i have 12 months contract,he told if BT website infinity package have 12 months yes i can have,if not i have to take 18 months contract.

i hate talk talk,because my boss have talk talk,and i am using his internet at work,it keeps getting disconnecting.

maybe the price of talk talk is cheaper than other.

those the links please:

click here would like unlimited download

i hope to hear from you very soon

my kindest regards habs


  spuds 15:05 26 May 2014

Depending on your area would need to be considered.

What I would suggest is that you Google for various links to broadband comparison websites. There are a number, which should provide most of the information you require.

  habs2habs 15:20 26 May 2014

Dear spuds

thank you for your fantastic and quick reply.i appreciated so much.

BT infinity 1:charge £23.00 (38MB speed),while

Plusnet charge £19.99 for(76MB) speed

Sky unlimited 38MB (£7.50 for first )6 months,than £20.00

I will go to google comparison broadband websites,but first i prefer to ask people like you how maybe they have any of these fibre optic to take advice from them.

thank you again all habs

  Jollyjohn 15:37 26 May 2014

Fibre optic will be faster but the question is - What is available where you live?

Where I live it is simply not an option because none of the companies have got the fibre optics installed, about 18 months to 2 years before BT complete their upgrade!

Enquire also about an upgrade on your adsl line - asymmetric digital.... that means download and upload speeds are different. Upload was usually capped at about 0.5MB. That is why it takes a long time to put stuff up on the cloud.

And do check the fibre optic service upload speed.

  bremner 15:53 26 May 2014

You have probably made a typo but to be sure you understand the speed is in Megabits (Mb) not Megabytes (MB)

Like for like is BT's Infinity 2 76Mb package at £26 pm and Sky's Unlimited Pro 76Mb at £30.

They all seem to offer around 19Mb upload on the 76Mb package.

On the face of it it Plusnet seems the best deal but you need to carefully check the other costs such as line rental and what you get in the way of phone calls.

  spuds 16:00 26 May 2014

I have just done a quick comparison check, and found that in my area, we should be able to get 152Mb which was not possible a few months ago.

Might pay to have a quick look at the website I chose for a few comparisons and prices, which might be available in your area. All it needs is a postcode or telephone number for package deals and further information. click here

  spuds 16:09 26 May 2014

Forgot to add, there is also quite a lot of other essential possible relevant information on the website I have suggested. Perhaps well worth a read before venturing further?.

  habs2habs 16:15 26 May 2014

Thank you all for all your quick reply.

Jollyjohn:i live 11 miles away from london.My telephone line can take up to 76Mb.

I don't know that (strong textUpload was usually capped to 0.5Mb)as you told me.

is there any online storage which doesn't cap the upload speed,which one please,if you know.

if i take fibre 38Mb,the upload speed is 9.0 Mb if i take the fibre 76Mb,the upload speed is 19.0Mb

Does that means if i upgrade to fibre and use the online storage,doesn't make any change if the upload speed is capped.

bremner: plusnet 76Mb is £19.00.As i wrote above.if online storage capped the upload speed,do you know any online storage which doesn't capped the upload speed?

to be honest i am thinking to go to plusnet fibre but they don't have 38Mb fibre(unlimited download) as i want .

or 76Mb fibre optic unlimited download

thank you all again for every help i received from you habs

  wee eddie 16:27 26 May 2014

I am absolutely fascinated.

What on earth is an individual going to do with Tb's of Downloads and Storage?

  Jollyjohn 16:42 26 May 2014

It is the line provider that caps your upload speed. BT was always at 0.5mb. It is to deter people trying to run a server from their home!

  bumpkin 17:08 26 May 2014

I agree with wee eddie, what is the point in having the fastest connection available unless you need to use it constantly at full throttle for whatever reason.

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