please help,i lost everything from external hd

  habs2habs 07:27 05 Nov 2009

Hi everyone

please i need your help urgently.

i have windows vista home premier
intel Q6600
nvidia 640mb 8800 gts graphic card
direct x 10.1
sp1,2(windows is up to date)

2 external hard disks as well.

the problem is:i had to formst my hard disk C:drive,and reinstall windows,with the update(windows update),but before that ,i unplugged the (2 external hard disks),because all the back up are on the 2 external hard disks.

i format and re-install windows,install all windows update including sp1,2.

i reconnect the 2 hard disks yesterday wednesday 4/11/2009,to my biggest shock,i found out that there are nothing on the 2 external hard disk,only folder called (windows)with a lot of subfolders folders,mainly empty.

i went to disk mmanagment to be sure,it was the same,i lost everything(i wish not)

kindly can you please tell me what is happening,and to retrieve back all the back up i had created?

i hope to hear from you very soon.

my kindest regards

  tullie 07:35 05 Nov 2009

Im sure that someone can help,my thoughts are that anything you had on external drives cannot be affected,particulary as they werent connected.

  stlucia 07:54 05 Nov 2009

What software did you use to create the backups on your external drives? If you didn't just drag and drop the files, but used some kind of backup software like Acronis True Image, you'll need the original backup program to be able to read the files.

My backup files, for instance, just show up as one big file if I look at them with Windows Explorer -- I need to use Acronis software if I want to restore, or even see, a single file or a bunch of files.

  rickf 10:27 05 Nov 2009

Myguess is that you have not lost anything just that the new install is not reading the 2 ex drives. Try the external drives on another comp to see if the files could be read

  woodchip 11:47 05 Nov 2009

If you used Windows to do the Backups, you need to use it to Restore them. And Windows backup is Rubbish. If you want Good Backups you should invest in Acronis True Image

  habs2habs 18:00 07 Nov 2009

Hi again

I would to thank you for your help.

I am so sorry to tell you that nothing worked.

I think i lost everything from the external hard disk.

This what i had done:
i was using acronis true image, the full C Drive back up was ok.

I tried the external hard disk on my laptop,it was the same thing,i can only see windows folder with a lot of subfolders.

i am using now software called(file recover from pctools,and recuva file recover).no one knows,maybe i can recover anything.

I created before (acronis recover dvd),restart my pc with the dvd in the drive,restart my pc,acronis couldn't find any back up.

please help me as you always did,

I don't know how to fix this.

I hope to hear from you very soon as you always did

My kindest regards

  gigagiggles 21:45 07 Nov 2009

just a wild stab.

does windows setting of hiding system files as default prevent you from seeing the existence of said backup files, acronis notwithstanding?

this brings up my pet peeve. all across the globe, back up, back up, back up. no mention of mechanism for verifying and validating existence of backups. and no mention of how to recover from said backup. is it that simple?

i had used acronis something 11 with vista. as part of the process, it created a partition on another drive (my choice) to store the incremental backups. the acronis install disc was to be used to boot from should the need arise to recover via backup. thankfully, never had to.

  woodchip 23:14 07 Nov 2009

Its no good creating Backups on the same drive, what if the drive goes down hence he used external drives.

habs2habs If you created Acronis Images, load Acronis then Double Click on a Image file so you can set a Virtual Disc to Explorer for your files

  habs2habs 23:59 07 Nov 2009

hi again

woodchip:I hadn't created acronis true image on the same drive,i create acronis full C: back up,on the external drive.

i tried to load acronis and double clicked on the image file i created,a message come up saying:

image can't be found

I hope to hear from you very soon,please

My kindest regards

  gazzaho 03:10 08 Nov 2009

I'm sorry I don't have a solution to your problem, but I'm really curious as to which external hard drives you are using.

I had a very similar problem to the one you have, mine was with a Buffalo Drive Station, on two occasions it lost data, or rather the contents to folders, windows reported the drive as having data on it but no files could be found in the folders, I never was able to recover the data and had to mark it down to experience, luckily there was nothing important on it. It taught me a lesson, if the data is important make more than one backup and make it on multiple drives.

This was a firmware fault with certain Buffalo drives which was addressed with a firmware update, I never checked to see if it fixed the problem I removed it from the external casing and installed it internally and have had no problems from then.

Acronis backup files are named XXXXXX.tib, where XXXXX is the name you specify, say MyBackup.tib or the like. If you can't find any .tib files on the external drives then either something went wrong with the backup process or the drives are experiencing problems, either Windows can't read them properly or a problem like I've described above.

If really important data is on the drives then you might need to use a commercial data recovery company to retrieve it, I have to say though that this can be expensive, if you are considering doing this do not use the drives, anything you try between now and the recovery could overwrite important data.

  howard64 12:38 08 Nov 2009

Do you get the message the drive is not formatted or just nothing useful on the drive? I have restored folders and files from external hard drives which showed up as unformatted with the option to format. I used Easeus data recovery. You can download a free copy of this which will allow you to run it and see if it can see your files etc. If it can see the files you are asked to purchase a license at about $30 to run the recovery prog. I have found this prog to be one of the best at it.

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