please help,i can't access my gmail account with android mobile

  habs 22:13 02 Aug 2011

hi everyone

please i need your help.

i bought Samsung galaxy Ace,and i love it so much,it working perfectly well.

recently i am having problem with gmail account.

i am keep seeing (red triangle),in the top of the screen of the mobile phone,saying:

error for(my gmail account)

the error saying: Authentication error

it asked me to type the password,i am sure i am typing the correct password,but it never accept my password,it keeps asking me to type the password.

i tried to delete the gmail account,from the mobile,i can't,

because it asked me that i have to (Reset factory),the mobile phone.

can you please tell me how to solve the problem,because i have had enough,if i can't fix the problem,i will reset factory the mobile phone,which i don't want that.

i hope to hear from you very soon.

My kindest regards habs

  T0SH 19:15 03 Aug 2011

There is a free Gmail app from the marketplace maybe that will help you out

Cheers HC

  sunnystaines 19:26 03 Aug 2011

get a similar problem with gmail on my htc. if at home connected to home wifi ok, but if out and about cannot get password accepted, htc comes with a gmail app still same prob

  sunnystaines 15:49 04 Aug 2011

habs you and me stuck on this one

  habs 12:03 07 Aug 2011

thank you all for your reply.

i fixed the problem ,one of the computer magazine showed how to (create 2-step verification) for Gmail account.

since i've done that my gmail account,stopped working as you know before.

now i cancelled the (2-step verification).

when i tried to access my gmail account through my samsung galaxy Ace,it does work,normally,and i never seen the error again.

this morning Sunday 07/08/2011,i tried again to access my gmail account from my mobile to see if i will get any error,

nothing happened,i was able to access my gmail account from my mobile phone.everything is OK now.

the problem was from (2-step verification)

thank you all again

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