please help,how good is (zen broadband)

  bibo1465 19:58 09 Dec 2005

hi everyone

I already have broadband with cap limit,which i hate that.I saw zen broadband,they said they have unlimited download.

-Are they right saying that?
-how good is the technical support,and customer services?
-how reliable in the ISP?

I hope to hear from you soon.

My kindest regards

  Canis meus id co 20:38 09 Dec 2005

I used to be with Zen, but moved only on cost grounds.

Zen are (or at least were, a couple of years ago) a top notch outfit. They really did shine in terms of speed, reliability and Customer Service. Not sure about nowadays though, however I never hear anything bad about them

Have you checked out their forum section here? - click here?

  Djohn 22:29 09 Dec 2005

I'm with Zen and have been for two years. They are simply the best ISP there is, but not cheap. I'm on the 2Mb service and get constant speed results of 1960 to 1980 kbps. Downloads of large files start at over 300 kbph then settle down to 248 kbps for a 100 Mb file. Monthly fee is £34.99 inclusive.

BT exchange sets a 50/1 contention and most ISP's will then set another contention of anything from 50/1 to 20/1. Zen have no contention whatsoever once your on their network. There are no caps or limits of any kind, there are no filters for spam, but I've never had one in two years.

No contract and though the site says just one months notice required to leave, it is in fact only 14 days. If you are taking out B/B for the first time, they will have you on-line within 3 days of placing order, if migrating, its free to do so in either direction.

If you go with the 512k service then later wish to upgrade to a faster speed, phone them in the morning and you will be surfing at the higher speed by the afternoon, not 3 weeks later.

When I upgraded to 2Mb some 10 months back I had a problem getting full speed and phoned Zen, their tech guys had me sorted in no time at all, did the test while I was talking to them and had BT on the case 24 hours later to fix a faulty line.

Being with Zen can be quite boring after a while simply because it just works all the time and you never need to call them, they take your money each month and in return give you a 24/7/365 service. Its like turning on the TV, it just works.

I make my connection first thing in a morning and forget all about it, its always there working silently in the background. Checking my logs I see that there have been no dropouts, no faults and 100% up-time even on the few occasions where I have left my connection open for 4 or 6 days consecutively. Yes if you wish you can download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there are no limits and they do not block any ports.

Customer support and tech is superb, but I doubt you will ever need to call them to find that out. I can safely say you will never regret signing up with them.

  Chegs ®™ 01:24 10 Dec 2005

I was going to say that DJ,but add that this was second-hand info. :-)

  The Spires 01:28 10 Dec 2005

I agree totally with Djohn, well worth the money, I have used them for two years & have no intentions of changing. Top notch.

  reclaimjack 03:24 10 Dec 2005

if u want to know anything about broadband goto dsl here---> click here

  reclaimjack 03:31 10 Dec 2005

what about BT ativation in the exchange ???? it takes a week or two where i am !!! is this true as i need a new line for the new flat ??? movin on jan 3 ????

  bibo1465 12:04 10 Dec 2005

Hi everyone

I would like to thank you for your quick reply i received from you.
Djohn:thank you for all the information you wrote,now i think i will change to zen broadband because of that.

again,guy thank you from all my heart and have a very lovely weekend.

My kindest regards

  Djohn 17:16 11 Dec 2005

Yes, 3 days for activation. I don't know how long BT will take to put a new line into a dwelling if none exist in the first place, but assuming you have a phone line to start with then Zen will activate the broadband in 3 days from order.

Three things I forgot to mention in my first post.

1) I placed an order for my neighbour, [She did not have an internet connection of any kind] at about 19:00 on the Monday evening using my account to set her up. Wednesday morning at just after 08:00 she phoned to tell me the modem had arrived, I popped over at 10:00 hours, inserted the disk, connected the modem and she was surfing in less than 10 minutes. From me sitting down to boot-up the PC and do the above was just enough time for her to make me a cup of tea. ;o)

2) Static IP address is supplied by default and you can have a block of these up to 8 in total free of charge, they do not do dynamic addresses.

1Gb of free web space for your own site [One Gigabyte!] or you can register your own domain with them for less than £5 per month which comes with a complete and generous package.

3) Zen will issue you with a username and password that have to be kept. They are very secure being a mix of upper/lower case letters and numbers. Use these to make the connection to them and then either email or phone them for an alias name for your mail.

You can have anything you want as long as its available, so for instance your email address will be "yourname at zen . co . uk" and not some long and meaningless string. If your name is Joe Blogs for instance. [My apologies to the real Joe Blogs]. Your email will be

j.blogs @ zen co uk I've left spaces so that it does not turn into a link.

Speed-test from DSL and from the BT exchange both taken today. BT exchange is not through my ISP but a direct connection to my local exchange bypassing the internet and a very reliable indication of ones connection speed. It is the test that BT ask you to run over a 24 hour period if your having problems with your line as they can see the results themselves and there is no interference from the internet.
[url=click here][img=click here][/url]

BT Test [url=click here]

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