Please help; Wireless Net Not working on one of 5

  stevewilkie 15:42 07 Nov 2006

Hi there

If anyone has any input it would be greatly appreciated.

I have NTL internet with the TV deal. We have a wireless router which everybody else in the house seems to get on fine with. I finally puchased a usb wireless device dongle for my laptop. However, it has found and connected to the wireless connection but I still get the dreaded "page can not be displayed" screen everytime i try internet, msn doesnt work either. All the IP. and subnet match that of the other working computers but still no internet.

I try to cnnect to next doors (we have an agreement whereby if one of ours goes down we use each others) yet it still doesnt work.

Address is assigned by DHCP it says.

I am running a 11mbps B reciever with a 54 mbps G router but they are supposed to be intercompatible I'm told.

Activity aftere being connected to the wireless network for 1hour 24 minutes is 3,476 packets sent, 2,568 recieved

I have followed the ntl online steps but they are useless

NTL broadband installion CD is not on the laptop at the moment

I have installed then unistalled it cos it made no difference and searching on internet i discovered a contemptuous hatred for using the CD

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I was going to reinstall windows cos my computers rubbish anyway but i cant find the cd.



  mgmcc 17:51 07 Nov 2006

<<< I am running a 11mbps B receiver with a 54 mbps G router but they are supposed to be intercompatible I'm told. >>>

Yes, BUT...

Routers often have options to connect with "G only", "B only" and "Mixed". As you are using both 802.11b and 802.1g wireless adapters you will need to use the Mixed setting (which my be described differently). However, this can be less reliable than using a single protocol setting and adapters all using either "B" or "G".

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