please help with Tom Tom one

  habs 21:29 09 Jul 2007

hi everyone

please i need your help.

I bought 2GB SDcard,put it in tom tom device,format it by using my computer.

I installed tom tom software on the 2GB SDcard,update to the latest version.

I am still can't use the (useless) login icon from tom tom navigator(bottom left side).

Never been able to connect to be able to download (France map) which i bought yesterday.

the problem as well:When tom tom is connected to the computer by USB (using 2GB sdcard),while i am on tom tom navigator,an error on top of the screen of tom tom navigator saying:
Please remove your Tom Tom device from the home dock or disconnect it from USB cable.Allow your Tom tom device to start normally and then reconnect the USB cable.

When i use (safely remove hardware),and i was able to disconnect safely,another message from inside the screen of Tom Tom in the Tom tom navigator,saying:

please connect tom tom device by using the usb cable.

When i disconnect tom tom from the USB,a moving picture from the Tom Tom device,the SD CARD ejecting from tom tom,and (red cross) over the SD card.

When i take the SDcard off the Tom tom,another screen telling me to put the SD card inside the Tom tom.

But when i use the SD card which comes with Tom Tom ,it works perfectly well,no problem at all.

Do you either think the 2GB SD card,doesn't work or Tom Tom device deosn't accept 2GB Sd card.

Can you please help me solving these problems,and i hope to hear from you very soon.

My kindest regards

  ianeon 21:41 09 Jul 2007

Try resetting your TomTom whenit is connected to your computer - It worked for me - click here

  woodchip 22:17 09 Jul 2007

Any maps should be copied to the Maps Folder before you load the SD card into Tom Tom

  habs 22:34 09 Jul 2007

Ianeon:While Tom tom connected to my pc by usb cable, i used pin and pressed (reset),nothing happened.
disconnected from the pc and tried again,it switched off.

Than switched tom tom on and reconnect it to pc,now i still can see,as i mentioned before(the sdcard ejected from the tom tom and the red cross over it) as moving picture.

When i disconnect Tom Tom from the usb cable,i can see the (sdcard inserted to the tom tom device again as moving picture).

Woodchip:please how should i copy the Map to the Maps folder?

Again i hope to hear from you as usual ,quickly.

Thank you so much for your help in advance

  woodchip 22:38 09 Jul 2007

Plug the SD card into card reader in computer then do it in Windows Explorer I have Tom Tom software on a Acer PDA n35

  habs 22:40 09 Jul 2007

thank you again

I don't have card reader in my computer.

What do you think shall i do now please.

  woodchip 22:49 09 Jul 2007

You can get a Card reader that plugs into USB on your Comp. PCworld will have them in but not alway the cheapest. click here

  habs 23:01 09 Jul 2007


Do you think tomtom doesn't accept 2GB sdcard capacity?
Do you think the sdcard is not working?

I am thinking another sdcard,what do you think?

What confused me,the sdcard which come with tomtom works perfectly well, no problem at all.

Thank you and again

  woodchip 23:05 09 Jul 2007

It may be limited, I do not know what size it will take Have a look in the Tom Tom Manual, as its different to a PDA You should not need one more than a 1Gb

  habs 23:10 09 Jul 2007

I am wishing you a very lovely evening,and sweet dream,and good night

you and ianeon been very helpful,thank you so much.

My kindest regards

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