Please Help -- Spyware ---- I Think

  User-35721D0B-FCFB-42BD-B7A64F856A59D045 00:24 17 Feb 2005

Hello Listeners,
Can anyone help with my prob?

I run win XP-- Mc Afee soft ware --- Adaware (latest version) --- A Shampoo --

Problem is , I appear to have picked up a spyware prog ? that I cannot get rid of with my tools.
I have a screenie of what it is BUT dont know how to let U all see what problem is.
Firewall kicks in as a messenger sevice...
says serious virus alert.... then tells me go to a site to get removal tools. Obivously I not been there, dont trust that message.
I`ve scanned PC for offending file, ZERO results. HELP PLEASE..urs stacky

  Daxsimus 00:37 17 Feb 2005

Any chance of letting us know what the spyware is or the url of the site you are being directed to? Might shed some light.

  jakimo 00:41 17 Feb 2005

No point in having a firewall if you don't follow its instructions

Hello Daxsimus,
Just tells me to go to .......... click here
When I look @ properties, it says it is MicroSoft Verified.... still dont trust it !!
Thanx M8


How do have the POWER to see how I my firwall runs????..... I`m not a novice & NOT an expert. I NEED help NOT critisism

  Daxsimus 00:57 17 Feb 2005

It's just a link for a prog to elimate spyware best to stick to the well known ones.
I have adaware installed.
also: click here
click here
As for firewall this one is good:
click here
Hope this helps.

click here on line security checker.

  gudgulf 01:53 17 Feb 2005

You need to disable the windows messenger service to stop those annoying pop-ups.

click here for a useful tool that will do that for you.

  oldone 02:12 17 Feb 2005

Try the new Microsoft spyware remover.
click here

  end 03:13 17 Feb 2005

"Any chance of letting us know what the spyware is or the url of the site you are being directed to? Might shed some light."

unless I have misunderstood this request please do not you or anyone ask for a url to be posted to a suspect site unless the site details are
s p a c e d o u t to prevent it appearing as a click here and the unsuspecting clicking on it and having their machines similarly infected

(and, if memory serves, Windows Messenger service is riddled with annoying pop ups,(and probably more, ); I am on MSN messenger which is far more "friendly"::))) )

  gudgulf 11:25 17 Feb 2005

Stacky's link takes you to the download page for PAL Spyware Remover which features on the rogue antispyware listing at Spyware Warrior click here

If you are not getting other symptoms of malware infection and all the scans you have done are negative then the chances are that it is just the annoying messenger service ads that are afflicting your pc.Deal with that as in my above link and also run Ccleaner to remove temporary files and other junk from your pc click here and you should be ok.

  Daxsimus 14:36 17 Feb 2005

I did not mean for him to post the link just to give the name of the site or programme. I fully understand what you mean though and in future will specify more clearly when posting.

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