please help with security

  kerny001 00:26 12 Feb 2007

Hello i'm new here so hi, hopw you are all well.

I was wondering if you guys could help me

I want to purchase software to keep my computer safe from all the rubbish around today, however im not sure what to get, should i buy an anti virus and firewall separately, if i do this am i covered from trojans, worms spyware adware etc? should i go for an internet security package which im sure covers the lot but dont rele understand!

ive been thinking about kaspersky but am not sure

what do you think is best and also what brands should i go for?

thanks for taking the time to read this hope it makes sense!

as many replies as possible please i wanna kno wat everyone things!

many thanks

  sean-278262 00:41 12 Feb 2007

Dont pay a penny. I use the following. These are all highly recommended by 1000s of people. Other people will suggest alternative programs all do the same job. Personally I have tried pretty well all of them and these are the ones I advise for those who's PC's I fix and maintain.

click here
Zonealarm: a firewall to keep the nasties at bay. Update only when you feel like it. It doesn't change how the program works.

click here
AVG Free Antivirus: To remove and detect any nasties that get through. Let it run every day in the background.

click here
Spyware Blaster: To prevent spyware getting on the PC (update once a fortnight). Nothing to run here.

click here
Spybot Search and Destroy: To remove the spyware that gets though, run a scan each week and update beforehand.

As I said just try suggested programs and pick what you like. Personally I prefer these ones above. Plus I have linked to them, so makes life easy.

  birdface 09:52 12 Feb 2007

The best Firewall is Kerio,Ive tried the rest,and I find its the best,You get the full version on trial for a month,then it reverts to the free version if you dont want to pay for it,As you are looking for something to purchase,I would try it for the month, Then purchase it,If you download it, Dot the simple method,That way you have no pop-ups asking you to allow or deny programs.I use AVG Anti-Virus+AVG Anti-Spyware,A.Squared.SpywareBlaster.Those programs are also free but with AVG you can purchace the full version if you want.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:23 12 Feb 2007

Anti Virus :- (ONE ONLY)
Avast4 click here
AVG antivirus click here

Anti Spyware :- (As much as you like but no need to overdo)
Windows Defender (realtime) click here
AVG Antispware (backup scanner) click here
Spywareblaster (blocker) click here

Firewalls :- (ONE ONLY)
ZoneAlarm click here
Sygate click here
Kerio click here

Spam Killers :-
AvirMail click here
Spam Weasel click here
Mailwasher click here
SpamPal click here
Eliminatespam click here
xterminator click here
spamihilator click here

Temporary File Cleaners:-
Crap Cleaner click here

  Belatucadrus 13:14 12 Feb 2007

click here for some more links.

  pennyben 13:22 12 Feb 2007

You will be shouted at by the free brigade to go the free route, which is fine if you know what you are doing. I use free and know what I am doing. My choices would be:

Windows FW with Router.

Update your OS and browser and you should be ok.

If you surf the dark side or you are really nervous

KAV 6 or KIS 6, or Bitdefender

As a general rule the top quality security software outperform the frees but you can close that gap by 'layering' your security with a router as amust purchase.

Have a look at Wilders Security Forums if you want in depth information.

  tullie 14:00 12 Feb 2007

The free stuff is all you need,wheather you know what your doing or not,believe me its not rocket science.

  €dstowe 14:06 12 Feb 2007

Although it is very important to protect your machine from invasion by nasties, don't overdo it to the extent where anti-malware programs prevent you from using your computer for something useful.

I was speaking to someone over the weekend who spends over three hours of his computer time every day checking for various things that shouldn't be on there. This is verging on an obsession in my view, don't get like that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:18 12 Feb 2007

One AV, One real time protection such as Spyware Terminator, a firewall if you feel you need one and Spybot or Adaware in reserve + common sense. Anyone spending too much time checking their computer is barking mad, clinically paranoid or hitting an eye-watering amount of Pr0n sites. 3 hours a day beggars belief and is well weird.


  €dstowe 14:50 12 Feb 2007

GANDALF <|:-)> has brought up one very important aspect of security - common sense.

If you go lurking into the darker recesses of the Internet, expect to spend a correspondingly larger amount of time clearing up the mess that is created.

Regarding the "three hours a day" person I mentioned, I've no idea what he does or where he goes in his Internet explorations but he is (outwardly) a perfectly respectable businessman.

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