Please Help-Router

  2Xtreme_lives 19:48 26 Nov 2006

I just went out and bought a 100 poound NETGEAR wireless Modem Router. I have followed all the instructions in setting it up, however there is a problem. It tells me to go to a website and configure my router, however it just says page can not be displayed. I phone customer support and talked for half an hour but they were useless.
Any suggestions?

  skidzy 20:00 26 Nov 2006

Do you have the ethernet cable connected ?

If so,type click here into your browser,this will get you into the configuration page.

Please post the make/model number.

  retep888 20:12 26 Nov 2006

click here it the one you got?click here you need to fit a pci network card in your pc first and connect up the router with a straight patch cable.

Type into the browser and you should get to the router's setup page.

  2Xtreme_lives 20:22 26 Nov 2006

Thanks Guys, its a Netgear DG834PN.
I have already fitted the PCI card into my pc. Plugged a blue colour cable into my Router from my network card, then i have plugged an ethernet cable from the filter in the wall to the slot in my router. I then click on my web browser and it says page can not be displayed, i can not connect on my modem/router

  skidzy 20:29 26 Nov 2006

click here

Ethernet cable from wall to router ?

you should have the phone cable from filter in wall to router,and ethernet cable from pc to router...

  do-gull 20:39 26 Nov 2006

To configure your router you usually have to type the address into your browser,try this including the fullstops.
this logs you into your router.
The thing to remember is when you go wireless,you are not connected to the internet your router is,so you need to log into your router and get the router onto the internet.


  retep888 20:43 26 Nov 2006

"then i have plugged an *ethernet cable* from the filter in the wall to the slot in my router." I hope you meant it was a RJ 11 cable,and you plugged it into the ADSL slot.

If you look into the DG834PN box,you should find a smaller cable usually silverish/grey,use that to connect between the router and filter.

  retep888 20:45 26 Nov 2006 is for belkin router.

  retep888 20:49 26 Nov 2006

netgear cable router

  skidzy 21:01 26 Nov 2006

Ok 2Xtreme_lives i now have the manual in front of me for your model.

Connect the blue cable to you router and pc and the RJ11 cable from filter to router and type www it will have a default user name as ADMIN and password as password,so when asked type admin in the admin box and password in the passwaord box.

Now follow the prompts.

If still stuck post back.

  2Xtreme_lives 21:18 26 Nov 2006

ok skidzy thanks,
Which is the RJ11 cable, does it come with it?

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