Please help review my site

  mike_w 22:37 02 Jun 2003

I need ideas and suggestions for improving on my site click here

I am using Dreamweaver and please don't be too hard on me but I would welcome any thought
I am an absolute beginner
Thanks all

  Forum Editor 23:24 02 Jun 2003

I suggest that you create the site using tables rather than frames.

You'll find you have more versatility with regard to layout, and you'll avoid problems like the vertical and horizontal scroll-bars that are being inserted on the left-hand frame by my browser.

Create a table for your navigation links/buttons and another one for your page content. You can put all the page components in their own cells, and configure each cell as required. Give it a try - I think you'll prefer working with tables.

If this is your first attempt at web site creation you've done very well. There are some design comments I could make, but to be honest I think it's better that you experiment with tables first. Take it in stages.

  mike_w 23:43 02 Jun 2003

I would give the tables a go and I don't mind any other comment/s


  Aspman 14:56 03 Jun 2003

Remember if you're not using a style sheet to set background colours for each page,even if it is still white. I got caught out with that one a few years ago when a client had a green background on his desktop and it showed up through the website.

Also set a font on all your tags for the same reason again that some people can have strange settings on ther pcs that can make your site go a bit strange if you leave to mauch to default.

  Aspman 14:57 03 Jun 2003

that should be set font tags on all your text.

Oh and tables are better that frames for search engines. When you use frames you can get directed to odd pages with search engines.

  IClaudio 14:29 04 Jun 2003

Mike, you don't say which version of DW youre using, but the later ones will make it very easy for you to create CSS stylesheets. The main advantage being that you can edit and change your style (you define, for example, the font and size and colour of your heading text, the body text and so on...) - so that if you decide to change the colour of your background, say, you can just edit the Background style and the change is made to every page that contains that style. Saves you doing it manually on every single page... plus you can import and export style sheets.

I like the way that you've kept the same look on every page, which makes for quicker loading - presumably you used DWs Template for that? You can use CSS in conjunction with Templates, they're not mutually exclusive.

If you go the CSS route, one of the first changes might be changing the Times New Roman to something a bit more stylish ;-)

And I agree with the others, you need to get the table action going, you know it makes sense!

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