Please Help, Probs with Norton 2006, No E-mail

  geewis357 22:03 23 Oct 2005

I have just installed 06 norton and now I cant send e-mail (incredimail)I can recieve but not send, I run a small work group from home using 3 pc's networked together and all are afected. I have turned off windows fire wall and norton e-mail scanning, all I am getting now is an error measage -ERR [SYS/TEMP] mailbox locked by other server

can you help

  keith-236785 22:17 23 Oct 2005

uninstall Norton, take the cd and hit it with a big hammer.....nearly all the computers i deal with with this kind of problem ALL have norton installed.

joking about the hammer bit. lol

seriously though, use the free AVG click here and the free Zone Alarm click here for the security, if you have a router running between the internet modem and all the computers then you may need to check the router settings, read the manual to get to the settings page (Belkin use type it into the address bar of IE or whatever browser you use. and check the settings

one last thing, do you need to use Incredimail?, if not then dont, that might be the cause of the problem as i know it has on a few pc's i have repaired (but not all).

good luck

  geewis357 22:29 23 Oct 2005

I have been using Norton for the passed 5 years with no probs, been using incredimail for the last 4 years both with no probs until now. Having said all that I could give outlook a chance.

  splork 22:32 23 Oct 2005

too right about Norton, I'm sure some folks find it ideal, but for others it creates multitudes of problems

  geewis357 22:56 23 Oct 2005

Are there any isues with Norton 2006

  splork 23:08 23 Oct 2005

too new to know, seeing at it was still 2005 last time i checked...

  splork 23:09 23 Oct 2005

daft to market a product that seems to think it is able to protect from 01/01/2006

  wee eddie 08:53 24 Oct 2005

NIS 2006 comes with a lot of cover in new fields.

Maybe it is one of these that needs adjusting. As I don't have 2006 yet I cannot help in suggesting which one.

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