Please help: problem connecting to BT Home Hub

  bezics 13:36 26 Oct 2006

Hi, sorry for the long post, but please can somebody help me with this problem? I have subscribed to BT Total Broadband, and am trying to connect the wireless BT Home Hub that they provide upon signup, via a wireless connection to my laptop (It can also be connected via a wired ethernet connection). My laptop has a built in wireless network adaptor made by Broadcom installed in it (802.11b/g WLAN). The adapter in my laptop can detect the presence of the Home Hub - it shows up when I ask Windows to view available networks. The problem comes when I try to get the laptop to communicate with the router - it can't form a connection. I know that the router is capable of connecting to the internet, as I can use it if I connect my laptop to it using an ethernet cable. Sometimes (and it seems random!), if I connect to the router and the internet using an ethernet cable first, then enter the WEP key, I can then get the laptop to communicate with the router using a wireless connetion. If I then disconnect the ethernet cable, the router sometimes continues to work with the wireless connection, but if I restart, the connection is lost. I have an excellent signal strength, as the router is only a few feet away from the laptop. Even if I manage to get the laptop connected to the router via a wirless connection, it seems a lot slower than doing it via ethernet. It seems that the router is not correctly communicating it's IP and Gateway settings to the laptop (I think). I've spoken to BT technical support many times now, and they can't tell me how to sort the problem. Does anyone please have any advice on how to establish a permanent wirless connection? I'm not an expert, so I've probably missed out some important information, but if anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

  NoIdea21 02:56 27 Oct 2006


  Cymro. 12:02 27 Oct 2006

I have a slightly older version of the BT system than you and used to get a lot of problems with it when I first had it, a lot of people seem to. I was advised on this forum not to use the built in MS system that comes with Windows but to switch it off and just use the BT one as apparently it is possible for one to interfere with the other and cause some sort of conflict. My system works much better now that I only use the BT system to connect up to wireless. It is still not guaranteed as I occasionally loose the connection but it is no longer so much of a problem as I am now at least able to immediately re connect. I am not up to scratch with this wireless business but I am sure there are others on the forum who can tell you much more than I can. Once you get it up and running it works very well.

  Cymro. 18:25 27 Oct 2006

I thought for sure that someone would have got back to you about your problem by now. I had better get it back to the top before I am off for the night.

  bezics 08:52 30 Oct 2006

Hi, thanks for your replies - I've got rid of the BT 'Home Hub', and bought a replacement router, and I've now got the wireless connection working perfectly.

  mowthecat 10:42 30 Oct 2006

The range on our Linksys Modem Router seems limited so I am looking at buying an aerial from Maplins to boost the output - they have several directional and non-directional ones - are there any pros and cons about using either?

  mowthecat 10:43 30 Oct 2006

Sorry, posted to wrong place!

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