please help! pc dead!

  londonlion 14:31 09 Sep 2006

Hello everyone,

Ive had my computer for about three years now and never had a problem with it until yesterday. When i went to turn it on the tower itself made a long beep noise about once every three seconds. The monitor is working fine as across the screen i get the message 'no input signal' so i guessed it must have been the actual tower which was the problem. After calling a PC help clinic I was told it was probably hardware related but they would charge £39.50 per hour +VAT + part costs. Being a typical man i thought i'd give it a go myself, so after calling a tech mate of a mate, he told me it would be an easy job of taking off the shell and making sure the memory stick and CPU was properly attached. After an hour of aggro I managed getting the shell off and start working on making sure all wires and connections were secure, they appeared to be. But when i plugged the PC back into the mains, now it wont even turn on! I had another look inside the tower while it was connected to the mains and found that a part labeled HYCOM HY-05 with the battery '+' symbol on it was making a strange vibrating noisewhich stopped every time i touched it. could this be the problem and can anybody help?!

Here is some information that may help you:

PC: Packard Bell Ixtreme, AMD Athlon XP 2600+, 60GB, 512MB
Operating System: Windows XP SP2

This link has more detailed information:

click here

I'm about as technical as a monkey so any help would be great, the only reason i don't want to take it to a PC Help Shop is because i don't want to go not knowing what the problem is as they may charge me a bomb for something simple!

thanks for any help!

  STREETWORK 14:37 09 Sep 2006

This code of beeps is linked to a memory failure. when windows boots it usually checks the first 64k of memory, if it fails then it beeps.

Try to remove and reseat your memory modules, if this fails then the memory could be faulty

  londonlion 14:41 09 Sep 2006

thanks for the help STREETWORK, i tried what you said first off. I took the tower's shell off, removed the memory stick, gave it a blow and a clean, stuck it back in, done the same with the CPU. Problem is, now when i plug the computer into the mains it doesn't even turn on.

  Cuddles 15:08 09 Sep 2006

Sounds like the power supply.

  londonlion 15:09 09 Sep 2006

only thing i can think it might be is the PSU, but the component labeled HYCOM HY-05 makes a vibrating sound whenever the computer is conected to the mains, so maybe i'm wrong.

  STREETWORK 15:11 09 Sep 2006

can you see if the fans are working? If they are, is this where the noise is vcoming from...

  STREETWORK 15:13 09 Sep 2006

The sound coming from HYCOM-05 is an electromagnetic sound, the PSU could be faulty

  londonlion 15:15 09 Sep 2006

no, no fans are working STREETWORK

  londonlion 15:23 09 Sep 2006

i also found some loose connectors not connected to anything from the floppy drive and PSU label P5 & P6 (not sure of the exact numbers but it was definatley P something), could this be a problem or is this normal?

  woodchip 15:26 09 Sep 2006

component labeled HYCOM HY-05 makes a vibrating sound, Sounds like this is the Problem. A bad connection that as burned. You could try cleaning it and crimp the connector a bit, to make a tighter connection.

Also if you removed the CPU did you take the fan of it? as you should use thermal paste between, to put it back together

  londonlion 15:30 09 Sep 2006

sorry woodchip, but i was told the component is ment to make a noise, it is an electromagnetic sound generator. could be wrong thoguh mate, i know nothing about computers

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