please help pc broken?

  markdp 00:33 11 Feb 2009

Hi guys im new to the forum but please help me, ive built my own pc, and ive finally got everything brought and pieced together. I installed the os and drivers and everything else and the computer was left on for a power test. it worked everything was fine. the pc was powered on off for a few days with no problems. However i go back to the pc and turn the pc on and i hear a pop and nothing. no boot, no messages, no sound, nothing, completely dead. the fans dont start to turn nothing.

The hardware line up is as follows. asus a8n premium sli motherboard. with amd athlon 64 processor 4400 cooled by a scythe ninja heatsink. (overkill i know). three sticks of samsung/kingston 1 gb ram at pc3200. A nvidia graphics card 8600gt super 512mb, two dvdrw's and two samsung 250gb hdd's. this was all ran by a mhel psu rated at 500w. (this came with the case).

Now after doing a bit of digging myself to try and figure it out i've found the green light on the mobo is on but still no boot. I assumed it was the psu that had gone so i brought a jeantech storm psu and still no boot. The one thing i have noticed however is that when pressing the power button this time the cpu heatsink fan flinched. the meter on the back of the jeantech is showing as 002.

Please help im at my wits end thanks in advance.

  skidzy 08:20 11 Feb 2009

Hello Mark and welcome to the forum;

Couple of things;

1) Have you tested the old psu,here is a psu tester click here can be found cheaper.

2) There is a chance if the old psu went pop it could have damaged or blown the motherboard.

First thing to try,is remove all connected optical drives and one of the hdd's and try one stick of ram and just the hdd with the os connected.

When you installed the cpu,did you apply thermal paste/compound ?

Did the fans all spin,especially the heatsink fan and psu fan ?

  skidzy 08:22 11 Feb 2009

Sorry i forgot to mention the motherboard and graphics.

If you mobo has onboard graphics,remove the graphics card for now and try again.

Can you post the motherboard make and model please.

  markdp 20:39 11 Feb 2009

hi thank you for the welcome.

The motherboard is an asus a8n sli premium skt 939. the motherboard, processor and heatsink were all built professionally as the ninja scythe heatsink takes a strange bracket, so i can only assume the processor had thermal compound applied.

before the pop, all the fans would spin, thats 4 on the case the heatsink fan, graphics fan and the psu fans. all temps seemed to be around 32'c thats the cpu graphics and heat across the hdd. I havent checked the old psu yet. Again i assumed that was the problem as i heard the pop. so just brought the jeantech.

I tried as you suggested with the 1 hdd 1 stick and cpu, i had to have the graphics card on the motherboard as the motherboard does not have onboard graphics. still nothing the cpu fan has now stopped flinching like it did before.

the green light was still on, on the motherboard. but nothing else.

any more suggestions? or should i get someone to look at it and tell me the bad news.

  skidzy 20:53 11 Feb 2009

My guess is that the psu was not man enough to run your setup,resulting in the pop and possibly damaged the motherboard.

The green light on the mobo will not really tell you anything but a small amount of power has got to the board.

Obviously i could be wrong and i would get that board tested.

  markdp 21:04 11 Feb 2009

hi how would i get the board tested is it a pc technician sort of thing? thanks for getting back to me. would it have affected the other components like the graphics, hdd's or optical drives?

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