Please Help New System Freezes

  mechthor 05:43 30 Nov 2005


I hope this is the right place for me to ask for the help I need!

I just upgraded, well everything is new but the monitor, keyboard and mouse. So I guess I should say I just built a system with all new components purchased from TigerDirect as follows:

Case = Cooler Master Centurion 5
Powersupply = Coolmax ATX 450w
Video = eVGA GeForce 6800 128mb AGP
Harddrive = Maxtor Ultra Series 100gb 8mb cache
Memory = Geil 1024mb PC3200 DDR 400MHz 2X512
Motherboard = MSI K8N NEO2-F Socket 939
Processor = AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice
CD ROM = HP 16X DVD Double Layer Burner

The problem I am having is the same when I run XP PRO or XP Home Edition. My Pro version is with out sp1 or 2, the home version has sp1.

They both install ok and seem to boot ok. After that things start to freeze up when I try to open a window or try to load a driver from the CD rom. Although, the Pro version seem to work awhile long and better but still had the same problem. When it freezes
sometimes it will unfreeze itself after a long time of waiting with very little to no CD or HD activitiy. (I wait for it if I press my NUM LOCK button on the keyboard and the light turns on and off) If the light does not turn on and off I take that as it is locked up, so I then RESET the system. Upon reboot there is no Disc Check for improper Shut Down. Which I find real strange.

I can not even make it through my driver install most of the time,
A couple of times I did then I tried to open My Computer or something else and it freezes again. I have built, upgraded and fixed a few systems in my time, but have never came across something like this and its killing me. I have been using this old Celeron system for a long time just waiting for the day I could afford a better system, and up my kills in Tribes. Now I spent all that money, I am still using this old system and resting my feet on the new one ....sob...sob

Please, any help at all will be much appreciated.

I don't really know what else to try.

Thank you


  Skyver 05:59 30 Nov 2005

Does it work any better in safe mode?

  AndySD 06:07 30 Nov 2005


Start off with the basics itmay be a coonection not fully in place...check your cables and are your cards fully in place.

Run memtest click here to check the ram, or try with jist one stick at a time to see if the system works.

  mechthor 07:13 30 Nov 2005

Thank you both for your advice!!

I have not tried the safe mode thing, after I disconnect this one I will try it. If there is no problem when running in safe mode what will that indicate?

I have checked all connections and they seem fine. I have also tried the Ram in different slots which make it run in single or dual mode and have tried using only one chip, but still had the same freezing problem.

How can I check the memory in the system to see if it is the problem, other than buying more and swapping them out?

Thanks again for your help, I will try the safe mode thing and let you know what happens.

  Skyver 07:39 30 Nov 2005

Test your memory and additionally your HD; even bearing in mind it's new, and Windows installed OK, give it the once over with Maxtor's diagnostic software click here.

If things work OK in Safe Mode it indicates a driver/device conflict problem rather than a hardware problem - not always the case though.

  alnwrd 15:38 30 Nov 2005

Computer freezing can be associatede with power supply problems. As you built the pc yourself, and even if the power supply is new, try another one.

Also try a new motherboard battery

  mechthor 17:05 30 Nov 2005

Thank you for the advice!

I will try another power supply and let you know what happens. I did notice that the power output was 11.78 and goes up to 11.79 only on the hardware monitor in the BIOS. Should it be at least 12 volts? I paid almost 50 dollars for this power supply, what brand is a good one around the same price???


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