Please Help!! My Wireless Network (with NTL)

  Teddington 21:35 03 Apr 2003

I know there is other threads about wifi but I want to get this right.

At present I am using a desktop PC running win98.
I am connected to the web via a NTL set-top box, a cross over cable and a 10/100 ethernet card in the back of the pc. I use the 128k broadband service.

I have just had delivery of a new laptop running XP and has a internal 10/100 port. Also I have bought a Netgear wireless access point/4 port router.

The idea is to use the router to permanetly connect the pc via cable and to connect the laptop via cable initially and then when it is working, use a pcimca car in the laptop to become wireless in the home.

My problemis what do i do first and then what order??????

sorry if i have rambled but i want to get it right

  AndySD 22:09 03 Apr 2003

Which router...and does it have the option to clone the MAC address of the network card on the PC....this is the simplest option.

  Teddington 22:18 03 Apr 2003

it is a Netgear MR314

My concern is the order to set it up.

Do I forget about the new laptop and just get the router working with the desktop via a cable link or do i forget about the router and link the laptop to the set top box and get that see the web.

I can not imagine I do it all at once but I am not sure

  AndySD 22:33 03 Apr 2003

Ok turn off the PC and the router.... attach the cable from the settop box to the router and the pc to the router now turn on the router then the pc.

Start Internet Explorer.... you wont get a page... in the Address bar type in and it will take you to the router. Follow the instructions in the manual but when you see the option Spoof this pc's MAC adress ...tick it. You should now be able to access the internet.

Now set the laptop up with the wireless connection.

  Teddington 23:11 03 Apr 2003

you are a star!!!

I will try it with a clear head tommorow.

Thanks for the speedy response and I will hopefully close this thread while sipping a long beer at the bottom of my garden <g>

  A15 00:28 04 Apr 2003

The process that AndySD has said should work fine, but.......

I have connected to NTL through a router after being directly connected (D-link). When I cloned the mac address of my NIC, NTL somehow saw through it & I could not access the internet! If this happens, I resolved it by logging onto the NTL registration page (you can still access this) deleting my currently registered connection & re-registered using my router & all was well.

I hope this doesn't happen for you, but just incase! :-)

If you need the direct address for the registration page, then just ask NTL support, they gave it to me directly (IP form) so I could log in again. Good luck.

  Teddington 09:51 07 Apr 2003

Thanks both for your help.

I have managed to link a PC(win98), a laptop(XPhome) and a wireless router(netgear 314) together so they can see the internet and the laptop works wirelessly and with cable...COOL.

I am not quite sure about the protocols that it uses. XP seemed to be worried about the way it was connecting and suggested that there was better ways????

....I have no idea about the security. the PC has a firewall the laptop has one but is not on yet but I thought the router should sort it. Does it???? I tried a leaktest and it said it failed.

Also I can not get each machine to see each other (for file sharing)

any help much appriated.

  John-259217 10:16 07 Apr 2003

I`ve not tried the Netgear router but the Belkin ones I use have an option to enable/disable the built in firewall have you checked for something like this in the setup?

To share files between the systems you need to setup the correct network settings on both. You may find the easiest way to do this is to run the network wizard from the control panel/connections on the XP machine. Have a floppy ready as it will then set up the 98 sys for you. Be aware that your Firewalls may need to be set up for local networking as well. Also it can sometimes take a few minutes for the machines to "see" each other.

  A15 11:43 07 Apr 2003

As you are running a 98 machine you may have to install the IPX protocol (on both machines) as well as the default TCP/IP. Also both machines will need to use the same network (logon) password to "see" each other. also don't forget to share the files! & as m73john says it may take a few minutes for the machines to "see" each other, especially for the first time.

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