Please help my wife sort out a Word 2000 problem

  LAP 15:29 06 May 2006

Using Win XP

My wife is using Word 2000 to type a book. She sometimes wants to send a block of text via email. So she highlights the text, copy and then pastes into her email page. No problem, but once in a while when she highlights the text she notices that the blacked out area is much larger than her actual text. When this is pasted into the email page the text appears in small blocks with large spaces between each line spread over he whole email page. I have done the necessary detect and repair without success.

Any ideas please, thank you.

  johnnyrocker 15:31 06 May 2006

what happens if you copy/paste to a blank word doc and mail that?


  LAP 15:45 06 May 2006

johnnyrocker, just tried that and there are gaps in the text. The easiest way for me to describe it is it looks like a large crack running down a brick wall.

  brambles 15:45 06 May 2006

LAP Can I recommend you select the text like this:

Put the cursor in front of the first word you require, hold the shift key down and click at the end of the last word you want included. Copy & Paste into email.

I've tried reproducing your problem in Word 2000 but can't.


  LAP 15:56 06 May 2006

brambles, tried that still the same problem..

I have just copied the whole book to zip from my wifes computer and will try and see what happens on mine. (should have done this first before creating the thread) Be back in a mo....

  Pine Man 16:09 06 May 2006

A lot depends on how your wife is actually typing her book into Word.

If she is just typing normally, page after page after page on the standard Word doc. A chunk copied and pasted should appear the same as the original but if she has also introduced some special formatting into her document such as margins, line spacings, page numbers, headers, columns and indents etc when a chunk is copied and pasted the formatting might not be copied as well creating broken blocks of text.

  LAP 16:18 06 May 2006

Well here goes.... The exact same thing happens on my computer.

The only way I got round it was to highlight each line in turn making sure that the highlight stopped at the end of each line of text. Each line I then pasted into a new Word doc. Then highlighted/copied/pasted the whole block of text into the email page and it worked fine. But as you can appreciate this is not the answer.

  LAP 16:20 06 May 2006

Pine Man, thanks. I will ask her.

  LAP 16:45 06 May 2006

Pine Man, my wife states that none of what you have mentioned is applicable, but thank you.

I've just sat my wife down and shone a very bright light into her eyes and Interrogated her.

First of all she states that if she cuts out the block of text and retypes it, it works perfectly. ie pasting into a new email page.

She now recalls that somewhile ago she had copied some text off the net and this problem had started from then. But the problem only shows it self every now and then. She thinks it may be connected to this, but surely it would effect every block of text? Only guessing. We both have PC Cillin anti-virus software.

  johnnyrocker 17:58 06 May 2006

what anti spyware have you?


  LAP 18:54 06 May 2006

johnnyrocker, Pc Cillin Internet Security 14. This contains a section 'Real-time Spyware Protection' and in this is: Spyware,Adware,Dialers,Joke programs,Hack Tools,Remote access tools and password cracking applications. All these are ticked.

Got to go out now, back tomorrow. thanks for your help.

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