Please help with my mysterious keyboard problem

  diyaa110 22:39 22 Feb 2014

I have tried everything, all control panel options, language settings, keyboard settings, system restore, etc. The problem is the keyboard letters 3, e, d, c and the volume button f3 all are messed up and type something else.. for eg, e=ywtryuiop, d=p, c=enter, and 3 does something like undo and types 0. Sometimes its working fine and sometimes all crazy.

I got so annoyed that I changed my keyboard and installed a new one last month. But now its been a month and the same problem came up last night, and it has gone crazy again!!! I'm so mad.

Plz help, its Lenovo Thinkpad Edge laptop model 0301-G8G, I have no idea what's wrong with it. PLEASE HELP

  john bunyan 00:52 23 Feb 2014

My granddaughter had a similar problem recently. My loccal repair man thinks moisture - small splash on to keyboard is likely. She is at Uni in London so for speed she bought a USB keyboard from Amazon for £9 delivered next day. Works fine.I see you changed yours so it is a puzzle. For non a USB keyboard would at least get you going .Do you have a reasonable repair person locally?

  john bunyan 01:05 23 Feb 2014

Non = now

  diyaa110 18:11 23 Feb 2014

I've taken it to two repair shops they both said it was a problem with the keyboard, not with the software or any other system. But since I've already changed the keyboard it is obvious that the keyboard has no problem. Language settings are fine too. Don't know what's wrong.

  john bunyan 18:34 23 Feb 2014

For £9 worth trying a USB keyboard. If it works it narrows the problem, and enables use of the laptop.

  john bunyan 18:47 23 Feb 2014

Here is a message sent to me by my grand daughter.

*wh6enp ip tryp top typ ep andp don'tp correct it,p itp comesp outp likep th6is. alsop f11p andp f12p keep pressing byp th6emselvesp wh6ich6p keep sp messing up p wh6atp i'mp doing.*

Is yours somewhat similar. If so my man says water ingress.

  john bunyan 18:54 23 Feb 2014

Another link worth reading: Wet keyboard see 3rd paragraph.

  bumpkin 19:11 23 Feb 2014

The symptoms are typical of liquid spilt on the board, if you are sure that you have not done this does anyone else use it. If it were me I would do as john suggests and buy a cheap replacement.

  diyaa110 19:44 23 Feb 2014

Hmmmm it would be a hell of a coincidence that the same problem comes up with my new keyboard as well.... Though your comments are a lot of help, so thanks a lot, I would give USB keyboard a try... But I was thinking since it seems to be a problem with either software or some other system malfunction... should I try re-installing Windows? Is there a chance that can help ??

Thanks once again..

  rdave13 20:13 23 Feb 2014

I've come across this thread which is a long read but worth while I think. It looks like a design fault and when you changed the keyboard it would have been a good idea to place an electrical insulating tape over the bare metal bracket of the thumb pad. Hope it's of use to you.

  diyaa110 00:09 25 Feb 2014

@rdave13 I don't know how to thank you.. I read all the 17 pages and finally found the somewhat-solution to put tape on metal brackets inside... thnxxx

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