please help me with nokia E72

  habs2habs 07:07 08 Nov 2010

hi everyone

please i need your help.

i bought nokia E72,it is fantastic,working perfectly well.

i update it,by using(software update,maps,firmware is up to date,everything is up to date).

the thing i don't know how to do it is:

-I have cd audio,Rip it to my pc,but i don't know how to transfer songs from my pc to my nokia device,again i don't know how to transfer video,pictures,to my device as well.

please what is the main website to download apps,from nokia website to my device and how?

kindly can you please tell me how to transfer songs,pictures,movies,(step by step) from my pc to my device?

maybe there a software from nokia to do this easier.

i hope to hear from you very soon

thank you so much for your help

my kindest regards

  mooly 07:19 08 Nov 2010

I would guess using Bluetooth as that's the only way on my ultra cheap Nokia phone.

If so you need a Bluetooth dongle to use with your PC. I was surprised it actually worked as easily and well as it does... but it did :)

  User-312386 07:37 08 Nov 2010

You need ovi for your pc click here

  gengiscant 08:08 08 Nov 2010

Did your phone not come with an USB connection cable and a CD containing the sofware to connect your phone to your PC? As madboy says use OVI.

  Woolwell 10:01 08 Nov 2010

madboy33©® is correct as you will need it for USB or Bluetooth. You need to download it. Have a look at page 57 of your manual.

  habs2habs 07:18 09 Nov 2010

hi everyone

good morning all.

i am new to smartphone mobile phone,(whatever,symbian,iphone,blackberry, operating system),and new about downloading apps.

i will download and install OVI suite,hopefully will be easier to transfer song,pictures,movies to my mobile phone.

please what is the main website in nokia for downloading apps.

i received in the box,everything except the CD installation software.

i hope to hear from you very soon please,as you always do all the times

my kindest regards

  User-312386 07:51 09 Nov 2010

You will already have the ovi store app preinstalled on your nokia, click on it, create an account and then look through the content and see what you like and download it! You will have to be connected to the net and if using your data allowance be careful of how much you download!

  Woolwell 09:52 09 Nov 2010

A good place to start with a Nokia product is the Nokia site click here. If you click on the OVI store it will lead you to what apps are available.

  habs2habs 07:36 10 Nov 2010

Good morning all

thank you again for all your help i am received from you.

this what happened:

i was able to sync song from my pc to my nokia but using windows media player.

i was download apps from click here

after 5 message of downloading apps<i received a message from nokia telling that i can download only 5 message a day

-Why is that happening,please?
-how can i download apps as much as possible,do i need to upgrade my ovi account,if so how please?

i like apps about (plane spotter),i have friend have iphone with apps called(plane finder),

(plane finder apps in iphone)is: you can see all the airplanes in the world,with there registration number,which airline,where they heading to, i like this apps so much.

please does anyone knows about any apps in nokia ovi store,like this apps,even i will pay for this apps

i hope to hear from you very soon

have a very nice day all of you

my kindest regards

  habs2habs 20:24 12 Nov 2010

hi again

please help me as you always did .

i can install only 5 apps per day.

tonight Friday 12/11/2010,i tried to install more apps on my mobile phone.

A message comeup saying:

We are sorry,but you've reached the maximum of 5 text message per day

how can i install more apps on my mobile phone,do i need i upgrade my account,if so how?please

i hope to hear from you very soon.

thank you so much for your help in advances

My kindest regards

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