PLEASE help me find this component....!!

  swayzak 14:18 09 Mar 2004


I am desperately trying to locate this:

A rear firewire module/bracket (preferably with just a single IEE 1394 socket). It needs a 10 pin to 6 pin lead (to connect it to the spare IEE 1394 socket on my Asus P4PE) and be mounted in a pci slot-type bracket.

It's basically a duplicate of the module that came with the mboard. I've tried contacting Asus UK but they haven't replied yet.

This will give front AND rear firewire ports (which I need).

I have dismounted the one that came with the board as it needs to plug internally with a rather peculiar extension lead which goes to the front port.

All I can find at Maplins, dabs etc.(in UK) are PCI cards NOT simple modules/rear brackets. I think my only hope is to put a "wanted" ad in Micromart.

thanks in advance


  Trolley 14:29 09 Mar 2004

Is there any reason that you want just a simple bracket?

You can pick 3 port firewire card from for under £15.

Failing that you could try and look on ebay.

  Belatucadrus 14:40 09 Mar 2004

Like this ? click here

  Djohn 14:40 09 Mar 2004

click here Is this what you mean?

  swayzak 15:15 09 Mar 2004

thanks people

Trolley: No it doesn't haver to be just 1 port but it CANNOT be a pci card. Just a bracket with motherboard connectors

Belatucadrus: That's a pci card.

Djohn: That's more like it but I want an IEE 1394 bracket NOT a usb bracket.

Anymore suggestions ?



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