Please help me choose a PDA running palm OS

  PC User 22:35 11 Feb 2003

I am looking at the Sony Clie T675 running Palm 4.1 and the Palm Tungsten T running Palm 5.0

The Palm seems to have faster processor/bluetooth and newer ? better OS ... but is is stable or has many bugs???

Any users of these two please advise...


  PC User 01:30 12 Feb 2003



  Kate B 11:50 12 Feb 2003

hi PC User - if you like the Clie but fancy OS5, why don't you go for the NX70V? I use one and it's great. OS5 seems stable and bug-free to me, and I like the extras you get with the Sony.

I suppose the only caveat with OS5 is that as yet there isn't yet a lot of software written specifically for it, though I haven't had any problems with older apps running on it.

hope that helps


  PC User 18:59 12 Feb 2003

Thanks Kate

I was in a hurry to get my PDA.
I did consider the NX70V , but I guess it was a bit too big for me... I really needed someting pocketable.

I have bought the T675 for £225 from technoworld
but I think I might regret the built it bluetooth of the Tungsten...

Thanks again for replying

  Kate B 14:04 14 Feb 2003

Sounds like a good buy, PC User - enjoy it.

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