please help me again- yet another headache to sort

  Beverley Anne 18:53 16 Apr 2003

Hi it me again

I am using the asus motherboard which as a voice whic tells me if drives etc are not installed

I've got a seagate 120gb hard install on my pc.I've Partitioned and format it installed win98 on it

but I keep getting this message that there is no IDE hard drive install. But it's there. gone into bios and in the it says no hard drive there is nothing I can see in there to tell it there is one.

I rang seagate tech support they could not help me.

anyone got any ideas about this

Also I am trouble installing the software the display.

I am using 3D Prophet All-In-Wonder 9000PRO is this the right one for the display?when I click on the setup icon I keep getting the blue screen of death it won't let me install

right now I wish I never thought about building the flipping thing.!! I never thought it was going to be this hard.



  armageddon_outta_here 19:06 16 Apr 2003

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the problem you describe so can't be much help. But I'm sure one of the boffins wil be along soon to help. Meanwhile, some of these threads
click here may have some useful tips, referring to manual chnages and jumpers. Apologies if you've already seen them.

  slimbo51 19:17 16 Apr 2003

Does ur m/board support h/drive of 120gb size.

Had to flash the bios before now, even on new boards to accept large drives.

As regards g/board tried for the latest driver on the net, as often the supplied driver on disc is way out of date.

  Rtus 20:11 16 Apr 2003

Youve built this your self ..Ok Can you advise Which ASUS board your using and on which Ide and how you have the Hard drive set. If you have other drives eg = cdrom /Cdrw etc Please advise how you have them set where..Also wiser not to mix problems Leave the Graphics card alone untill you can boot with no problems from hard drive. And Also advise Not to flash the bios until your more at home with the computer... Now you keep getting a message about the Hard drive .Can you advise at what point ? and does the machine continue into windows after or not.

  Rtus 21:13 16 Apr 2003

I can provide diagrams to Ide cable / jumper settings if needed..Use yellow envolope for contact...

  Beverley Anne 21:16 16 Apr 2003

Hi everyone

I looked in the manual and I found this

no ide hard disk detected- if you have connected to the raid controller connector then ignore this message

I have my hard drive connected up to one of these connectors so I can ignore this message - one problem sorted I have been trying to sort this out all day I thought It was something to do with psu problem I had that was causing the problem. It got me beat. I never thought of looking in the book.

I hope you dont think that I am being a pest sending my help problems I don't mean to be one.

Next on my list is the graphics card software installing problem as anyone got any ideas how I can install it please the pc keeps crashing after I press install on the cd rom?

Thanks again for the help.


  graham√ 22:06 16 Apr 2003

Well you certainly lived up to the expectations of accurately describing your problem.

  bfoc 22:31 16 Apr 2003

Have you downloaded the latest drivers for your prophet card? If you find your card on click here you can download the latest drivers and install them from your hard drive.

One thing I have found in the past that can mess up certain installations is some anti-virus and firewall programs so I would advise you to turn them off before installing the drivers. But do remember to turn them back on after the installation!

If you still have problems you could try using msconfig to give you a very basic start-up and see if that helps.

  eccomputers 23:29 16 Apr 2003

Another problem I have found with some agp slots is the contact. I installed a geforce4 ti4600 last week and had to take the card out and push it back in no less than 12 times before I even had a video signal. I then obtained crashed when going to higher resolutions. I removed the card, cleaned the edge connector and it all worked great. So, the moral of the story, even if a card is new from packaging, CLEAN THE CONNECTOR STRIP.

  TOMMO01 23:35 16 Apr 2003

OK - you have a working system almost. Windows 98 installed OK but trouble with installing drivers.

Your Motherboard would have come with a DRIVER disk. You mention that it is an Asus board so it might have a VIA chipset. The drivers for the motherboard need to be installed before trying to install your Graphics card.

If this helps - great - if not please post back with the make and model number of your Motherboard.

  Offline 23:36 16 Apr 2003

Have you installed the mainboard drivers, some boardsneed thse to reconise the AGP slot, you will get AGP running in slave mode & in graphics properties the card/chipset may not be reconized.

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