Please help me!

  atette 01:23 15 Aug 2011

please help me i can't open my HTC desire since the screen was locked. I entered wrong patterns and now the mobile is asking me to login in my gmail account on my mobile but sad to say i can't login in my gmail account because i forgot my username and password. Please help me how to unlock without using gmail account...

Thank you! Atette

  lotvic 10:19 15 Aug 2011

"i can't login in my gmail account because i forgot my username and password"

You saying you forgot both username and password?

Try factory reset

  Clapton is God 15:06 15 Aug 2011


It might also be a good idea for the future, as you evidently have a rather dodgy memory, that you keep a note of all your various login and password details on a spreadsheet for example.

But save that spreadsheet to a removable media, not on your PC, and for God's sake, don't password protect the spreadsheet.

  Nontek 16:13 15 Aug 2011

I too have a HTC mobile - but I don't understand wrong patterns - it is normal for the screen to be locked on each start-up, but the user unlocks it without the use of any 'patterns' !!

I advise you to take it back to where you bought it, or to a like shop, and I am sure they will be able assist you.

  wee eddie 17:15 15 Aug 2011

I'm in agreement with Nontek.

Particularly, I'm sure it's not the case here, because any solution that we offer could aid a Thief to break into a stolen phone.

  Woolwell 17:34 15 Aug 2011

You can get an app which has patterns to unlock. But agree that it would be unusual to mess up the pattern and forget the rest.

  compumac 19:01 15 Aug 2011

This is not totally uncommon as witnessed on Android forums, I should try there for ananswer.

  atette 02:55 16 Aug 2011

thank you for your reply...yeah i now that the screen will lock automatically but what i am facing right now is that i put screen lock using patterns(4 dots connected) not the numbers..i forgot what patterns i used that;s why it was locked eventually...i can only receive calls but i can't text nor opening a mobile is HTC Desire...please help me...

thank you...


  Nontek 08:18 16 Aug 2011

My apologies - I do understand patterns now, having looked again at my own HTC (I have the Wildfire), but I don't use any patterns or passwords on mine so cannot help you I am afraid. I still suggest however, that you take it to a mobile phone shop which handles HTC and ask their help - I doubt if there would be any charge for this.

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