Please help me

  Nassa 15:36 19 May 2006

I have a problem with my laptop and would appreciate greatly any help you great guys can give me:

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO Pro V7010 and recently I noticed that my CD-ROM drive didnt work. I restarted my computer and still nothing was happening.

The computer detects the hardware because it runs the 'found new hardware' wizard, but when I go to install it, i cant because the drivers are on a CD- and I obviously cant work one.

I ran device manager and tried to install one of the drivers already in there, but no luck. I searched for thousands of drivers on the Internet and downloaded them, but they dont work, it comes up with 'Target drive could not be found'.

I can still open the drive, and insert CD's /DVDs but it doesnt do anything when I close the drive. I've tried eveything! Please help me sort out this mess!

BTW - My drive is: NEC ND6500A CD/DVD R


  Ikelos 15:51 19 May 2006

can you not download the drivers from the net.

  rodriguez 15:52 19 May 2006

The "Target drive not found" message could mean that it can't find the DVD drive you just installed, so either the cables have come loose or the BIOS probably doesn't support it. When the laptop boots up and detects the drives connected, see if the DCD drive comes up along with the hard drive. If it does, then it's connected properly and supported but if it doesn't it's either come loose or not supported. Also check if there are any jumper settings on the back as I'm not sure if laptop drives use jumpers or not.

  Ikelos 15:54 19 May 2006

drivers here.

click here

  Jackcoms 16:00 19 May 2006

A word of advice.

Please do not use a thread title like "Please help me".

It tells us absolutely nothing about your problem and will prove to be completely useless in PCA's search function.

Use a title which describes your problem.

  Nassa 16:13 19 May 2006

Really sorry about the thread title I didnt think. Thanks for the advice everyone I will check it up

  Stuartli 16:23 19 May 2006

Any optical drive, such as a CD/DVD-ROM or rewriter, only requires the basic Windows CDROM driver.

This is installed automatically by Windows - other functions, such as burning disks with rewriters, are controlled by burning software such as Nero.

Try Uninstalling the CD-ROM drive in Device Manager and rebooting.

If this doesn't work then the most likely reason (apart from possible loose connections) is that the laser has gone kaput.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 19 May 2006

Virtually all CDs /DVDs players and writers will use the same windows drivers in XP. they are in the windows\system32\dirvers\ or windows\system32\DRIVERS \ folder and are:-





and in the windows\system32 folder


try device manager update driver and install these files. to get your CD/DVD working again.

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