Please help! internet problems

  wrfc_rabbit 16:51 19 May 2006

hi people,
Im having a rather annoying problem. the only internet connectivity i can get is through internet explorer and firefox. this may sound normal but the annoying thing is i cant connect through Windows media player my p2p and my FTP!

i have a hunch its something to do with a firewall but i have deleted them all and deactivated windows firewall and still have the same problem!

Please help


  wrfc_rabbit 16:56 19 May 2006

also have no msn connectivity

  Thatslife 16:57 19 May 2006

Really does sound like your firewall. Have a look at the permissions and make sure it's allowing the apps you're having probs with.

  wrfc_rabbit 16:58 19 May 2006

its allowing all but no love!!

  wrfc_rabbit 17:01 19 May 2006

i have also checked for viruses and spyware and im clean!

  wrfc_rabbit 17:09 19 May 2006

i need help real bad with this because i gotta produce a website for a client by tomorrow!! i cant even use web based FTPs!!!

  octal 18:13 19 May 2006

Do you get any error messages when you try to connect?

  Phphred 19:28 19 May 2006

Are your Windows Services enabled?

  wrfc_rabbit 16:41 22 May 2006

No error messages just page cannot be displayed!! please help ASAP

  octal 19:28 22 May 2006

I've just had a thought, which is dangerous for me. Check your HOSTS file to make sure its not blocking something.

In Windows XP its located in


When you find it it will be HOSTS without any extension, try renaming it to HOSTS.OLD and see if that makes a difference, if it doesn't just rename it back to HOSTS again.

  rsinbad 19:59 22 May 2006

If you are accessing the internet via adsl router change the MTU size

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