Please Help with installing a NEW CPU cooling fan

  Glancing Blow 20:16 12 Jul 2006

Please help, I have a very quick question!?!

I have just won on ebay a better cpu fan (hopefully), but on the bottom of the heatsink (ie the bit that sits on top of the chip) is a 'rubber' like pad - is this some new invention so as to do away with the thermal compound.

I ask the question as inevitably there are no instructions, and my old heat sink does not have such a 'rubber' pad.

Come on, someone must know the answer, please help.

  Belatucadrus 20:48 12 Jul 2006

"is this some new invention so as to do away with the thermal compound."

Not exactly new, thermal pads have been around for a while. Clean any residue of the old compound off the CPU with a suitable cleaning solution, pull the protective plastic layer off the pad. Then position the cooler.
If there's no film protector on the pad, I'd remove it as it could have picked up all sorts of muck and become quite useless. Then use normal thermal paste.

  Glancing Blow 21:44 12 Jul 2006


Thanks for that, I will have a look and let you know.
Will pulling the pad off and using thermal paste be sufficient? Or will the gap between the processor and heatsink be too big with the pad having been removed etc?

  User-312386 21:50 12 Jul 2006

The thermal paste is more than sufficient

Some people swear by Thermal pads and some swear by Thermal paste

I personally like the paste

Remember only to put a small amount of paste in the middle of the CPU as it spreads out when the heatsinks engages

  Belatucadrus 21:58 12 Jul 2006

The thermal pad material is very soft and will thin out where there is contact, so its thickness isn't a factor.

  Glancing Blow 22:55 12 Jul 2006

All installed, but I think my system is running hot.

I have a P4 478 3.4 running on a chaintech 9PJL Apogee. The Software overclocking prog shows the chip at any where between 60-75 deg C!?! System temp has been as high as 45 deg C.

The fan I have installed is a intel C91249-002.

Any suggestions please!?

  woodchip 23:14 12 Jul 2006

P4's run Hot. But that look's high

  sean-278262 23:24 12 Jul 2006

have you tried to reseat the processor? Where the temps taken during the day? Remember its like 25 average for the uk at the moment. So quite hot and that may be making the difference. I had a PC that overheated last year due to the weather and the cooler just not being able to cope.

  Glancing Blow 23:34 12 Jul 2006

Thanks Woodchip - I agree!

Creature - I have reseated but to no effect, time wise, about an hour ago.

I am beginning to wonder about the fans capability vs case space etc.

Anyone had a P4 with a really good cooler - if so what was it?

Any suggestions welcome!?!

  sean-278262 23:40 12 Jul 2006

click here=

I use ACs in my AMDs and they are very good, well made and easy to install and super quiet. Have you tried maybe using the old HS? See if it is maybe the paste in use?

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