Please help i'm about to take a hatchet to my Pc..

  Hans_Blix 16:47 14 May 2003

Ok, i don't have a top of the range system- 950 athlon, 29 gig hard drive, 384 ddr, you get the picture. Recently, my Pc has been freezing a lot, i.e. when i do ctrl+alt+del in order to end a task that is draining resources. The computer freezes when i click on end task for anything.Also, i keep getting messages that resources are low when i have 71% free according to my system info. Startup has also slowed down significantly, and the darn machine won't even shut down anymore either. Please somebody help me, i'm not excellent with Pc's but i can hold my own, but this is beyond me. Cheers, Hans_Blix. :)

  MartinT-B 17:00 14 May 2003

It sounds to me as if it's clogged up. By that I mean there's bits of this program here, and bits of that program there. They never completely disappear when you delete them, and there are temp files and a registry file that just grows and grows like a cancer that is really difficult to clean.

My advice is to sit down and backup all your essential data.

Email Folders

Email Address Book




Photographs etc.


You get the picture.

Save them to CD if you can.

Then; Make sure you have the latest drivers for everything (Motherboard, CD, DVD, Modem etc. etc) on another disk.

Then Double check everything.

Turn off the PC and go to do something else for at least 6 hours.

Come back and check everything again.

Then re-install windows making sure you format your C: drive. Re-install drivers, re-install onlyu the programs you really need/use, re-install your back-ups.

You will forget soemthing, everyone does, but hopefully nothing too important.

You will find that your PC is suddenly 25% faster, but will feel 100% faster (until you clog it up again :))

  graham√ 17:01 14 May 2003

Also Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject

be sure to unpug it before you hit it.

more seriouly have you been through all the usual maintenance tasks, disk cleaning and defragmenting etc. you do not mention what oS you use this will help us answer,

  Hans_Blix 17:21 14 May 2003

will try disk defrag b4 doing anything too drastic but thanks for the advice it's much appreciated.

  Hans_Blix 17:24 14 May 2003

I use windows millenium

  MartinT-B 17:35 14 May 2003

You've never defragged your PC!


You'll have time to go on holiday whilst your PC re-organises it's internal filing system :)

Whilst you're there, I'd run through all the system tools.

  Pilch.... 17:45 14 May 2003

My sister didnt defrag her 433 celeron with 6.4gb drive for over 3 year's....

  F11F7 18:11 14 May 2003

Do a scandisc before defrag,
you can get various software that cleans your pc
of stuff you don't need.

  canard 18:12 14 May 2003

My son, who has a vintage pc and is in IT, has never defragged!

  Tenner 18:21 14 May 2003

Don't get screwed up at your first attept - your title worked ! A number of responses within 15 mins from people who are prepared to help, can't be bad.

Whilst I appreciate some titles are a tad obscure, some people forget what this site is really about, asking for and getting help and advice.

I hope you get it sorted, and that you continue to use this site.


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