Please help I have a virus

  Amer 21:50 14 Aug 2008

Can anyone help. I have a virus called antivirus XP 2008. What should I do?

  skidzy 21:51 14 Aug 2008
  Amer 22:06 14 Aug 2008

H Skidzy I have downloaded programme and it has scanned but now asking for license key. 'Get Key' link leaads to software puchase site. Do I have to buy this now?

  skidzy 22:12 14 Aug 2008

The license key is only for the pro you do not need to buy this program.

  Amer 22:18 14 Aug 2008

Sorry to be a nuisance.

It has found loads of coolies/malware etc. but in order to remove it takes me to a home page where it wants me to buy the software.

Can youh elp

Sorry if this is a dim question

  Marko797 22:22 14 Aug 2008

try this, and it is free click here

  skidzy 22:23 14 Aug 2008

Ive just ran MBAM though nothing found it does not ask me for a key.

Ok if you are still having problems,run SAS = Superantispyware Free version click here update first and then boot into safemode and run Superantispyware.

  skidzy 22:25 14 Aug 2008

Mbam is in the link i provided earlier and if i assume correctly,Amer should be currently using this.
Though i cannot see why it asks for payment,unless he/she has clicked on the purchase link.

  Marko797 22:27 14 Aug 2008

the link u set didn't work for me, hence my post. Didn't intend to duplicate.

  Amer 22:39 14 Aug 2008

Sorry guys, this virus is driving me nuts. On the original link provided by Skidzy. What should I have downloaded. Have I clicked the wrong software, I downloaded Xoftspyse.

  skidzy 22:39 14 Aug 2008

no problem here in IE and Firefox with the Bleeping Computer link and its download of Mbam,though a second option is always good.

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