please help, i am receiving CRC error.

  habs 19:20 30 Jan 2004

Hi everybody

Please i need your help. I bought program called(evidence-blaster)one month ago, it is like track eraser.

Since i bought this program till now i am unable to install this program because i am receiving error saying:

-winzip self extractor
Zip damaged C:\DOCUME~1\MRHABI~1\LOCALS~1\temp\WZSEO\install.msi:Bad CRC 22c68742(should be be4e9d27dc).Possible error:file transfer error.

everyday i write to the company explaining everything they resend me another link to download the software, nothing helped at all.

Everytime the company they send me link, the error as above come up but the number became different after(WZSEO,and afterBad CRC.

Can anybody help me solving this problem.

I have windows XP home edition,1024 SDRAM memory,64 MB Graphic card,DirectX9.

Thank you so much in advance


  Lozzy 19:26 30 Jan 2004

try installing in safe mode

  Gemma 19:46 30 Jan 2004

The CRC error (cyclic redundancy check) error says that the file is corrupt. When a zip file is created a number is generated and stored in the file. When the file is unpacked the number is calculated and compared to the one in the file. If they are different, there must be a problem.
What is the name of the file you downloaded?

Just i had CRC errors on a k7vt4-4x.. updated bios and cured!

  habs 20:34 30 Jan 2004

I would like to thank everybody for all the reply
I received from you.

I will try to install the software in safe mode as lozzy mentioned.

If it doesn't work i will update the bios.

For Gemma: the file is: evidence-blaster:(like track eraser)
Thank you

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