Please help with home bandwith shaping/limiting

  smiiithy2009 11:10 03 Jan 2009

Hi all,

I'm wondering if someone can help me with some settings on my home network.

My broadband bandwidth is shared with my Dad who does 1 - 2 hours of light browsing at random times in each day. I'm quite a heavy downloader on Vuze and Newsleecher and my Dad finds that his performance is very poor when they are running. Limiting the programs by a timed schedule doesn’t really work because of the random times he uses the computer.

I'm using a Netgear DG834G router meaning I don't have QoS available. I'm wondering if there's a way to limit my bandwidth to 50% of the broadband speed whenever his MAC address is picked up by my router.

Alternatively if there is any software option that I could put in his start-up files to remotely limit my computer temporarily this would also work?

We are both using Vista Home Premium. If you need any more info please ask.

Thanks in advance,


  STREETWORK 20:10 03 Jan 2009

Try this one

click here

Also google 'bandwidth management' for more...

  smiiithy2009 09:20 08 Jan 2009

I tried the program but haven't been able to find a solution. I did try SoftPerfect's forums which you can see if you click here.

The response was "Unfortunately our software cannot solve this problem. Your aim is quite specific: 'limit computer X when computer Y comes on-line' while both the computers are connected to a Netgear router. If there was another computer as the Internet gateway, perhaps some other software products could do so, but in your case it is not possible.

The only solution might be having a specialized software application solely for this purpose. This application could ping your dad's computer and suspend your bandwidth-hungry applications when his computer is on, but I doubt that this software exists at all."

I've tried Googling but as Andrew at SoftPerfect said this is a very specific requirement and I haven't been able to find a suitable program.

  brundle 21:47 08 Jan 2009

You need a router that can manage the bandwidth, something like a Linksys with open source firmware for example.

click here

click here

  smiiithy2009 23:26 08 Jan 2009

I'm aware of such products, but surely there’s a software solution?

Local bandwidth limitation is such a simple facility and I never imagined that remote activation would be such an uncommon concept. Even if I could get software to limit my computer to a set figure of say 2Mbps whenever my Dad comes online rather than splitting the bandwidth by percentage this would still leave me enough bandwidth for browsing without hindrance.

Any further ideas?

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