merlyngray 00:12 28 Nov 2007

I bought a geforce 7600gst i-chill, but had a problem when playing pro evo 8, some scenes tended to explode the figure into loads of triangles ect, so i bought i 7600 gt to replace it as i heard it was better but same problem, even overclocked it a bit.
i have a p4 3.0ghz
gforce 7600gt
2gb ram
can anyone tell me the problem or what to do?

  Starfox 01:19 28 Nov 2007

I know this may be obvious to you but have you downloaded the latest drivers for your new card?

  umbongo(uk) 06:07 28 Nov 2007

as starfox points out did you use the most up to date drivers for the card,reason ! drivers for video cards are always evolving and should be checked monthly as these updates fix corruption in games and add extra performance
your drivers are here in link below
click here
choose uk version as american can be reported by some games as the driver isnt installed by some games
again as starfox point out have you checked the game,s support page for any patche,s. most games on the pc arnt as finley polished as console games and are patched later on for bugs /flaws etc
link for patche 1.1
click here
do a gfx driver update first to see if it solves the gfx issue first then decide if you want to patch it

also depending on wich operating system also depends on the games performance some game wont run well on new vista but this issue is being resolved as we speask for games. same goes for any other os its luck of the draw im afraid just check any forums for the game as most people will find a work around

remember pc gaming isnt like console as you can pick and choose all settings etc
running it too high can have a knock on effect
resulting in poor frames and grafix corruption
so tinker about in grafixsetting to get a playable compromise. again forums on game can help as some one always comes up with a config tht has high performance and little strain on a system

  Gamer555 08:48 28 Nov 2007

The triangles you are talking about usually occur from too much heat. Check all the vents at the back of the case are clear from dust. Also, take the case off and hoover out all the fans. Remove as much dust from the inside of the case as you can. This could be the cause of your problems.

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