Please help - cannot get online with new PC

  freyabo 21:21 11 Apr 2008

OS: Windows Vista Home premium
Intel(R) 82566DC-2 Gigabit Network Connection
Netgear DM602 ADSL Modem
ISP: Pipex

I bought a new PC recently, but have been unable to get a broadband connection.

I tried connecting via the ethernet port, and initially, all seemed well. All the correct lights are lit on the modem, and data is being received at 100mBits/sec, but IE cannot connect.
The Vista 'diagnose this connection' report states it can find nothing wrong with the connection.
Then I tried to use the modem via USB, but Vista will not complete the driver installation, I guess because the drivers are for Windows XP. I cannot find any updated drivers for the modem either.

Pipex support (ha!) were no help at all, told me to contact Netgear. Netgear support costs £28 for 60mins phone support, as the modem is out of warranty.

I was having trouble getting online a few months ago, on my old PC, and, more fool me, did pay for Netgears online 'help'. It was useless, frankly, a complete waste of money, so I've no intention of using them again.

Can any of you good folk here help? I'm currently using a dial-up service, but its so slow that it is driving me nuts.

I'm also awaiting a MAC code from Pipex (that is a story in itself!) but it irks me to be paying for a service I'm not receiving - grrrr!

  freyabo 21:23 11 Apr 2008

Oops, forgot to add, TIA.
Cheers, Anne :)

  woodchip 21:29 11 Apr 2008

Windows Firewall may be stopping you. In Control Panel\Security

  citadel 21:41 11 Apr 2008

have you ever been able to connect using broadband, I recently had a similar problem and even though the phone line was ok the broadband was on the wrong circuit at the exchange, thus ie could not connect even though the modem was working. bt engineer had to go and sort it.

  freyabo 22:38 11 Apr 2008

Woodchip, I'll check that, thanks.

Yes, I've used broadband for years at this house

  freyabo 16:42 12 Apr 2008

Turned the firewall off, made no difference :(

Someone on another forum thinks my PC may not have a gateway address defined.

Does anyone know how I can get a gateway address for the PC?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 12 Apr 2008
  john bunyan 17:02 12 Apr 2008

freyabo. I'm still !! on pipex, but if you are changing ISP's won't the new one supply a free or cheap wireless router? I like Linksys and their tech. help is free. I hope you solve it - maybe worth a call to the new ISP for advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:03 12 Apr 2008


change the PPPoA? DSL should be PPPoE (AFAIK)

  freyabo 18:04 12 Apr 2008

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your replies.

Fruitbat, where can I access those settings? Is that the modem configuration page? It looks similar to the Netgear one that I configured when I first got the Netgear modem. If it is, the problem is that I carnt access that with the modem.

John Bunyan, I'm sure its not the modem thats causing the problem, it seems to be the set-up on my new PC. I understand what you mean, though - with a new modem I could at least get some support. My PC is a Dell, by the way, I wonder if they set up the PC/LAN in a different way to normal?
Where is Linksys' support based? Netgears is in India - or was it the Philipines? and I'm not being funny, but it was dire

I found the DOS window (is that what its called?) ipconfig. Under IP congiguration for my PC it has: IP Routing Enabled...No WINS Proxy Enabled....No
Should these be enabled, and if so, how do I do that?
ipconfig for the Gigabit LAN - there is no Default Gateway, again, should there be one?

I tried to do ipcongig/release, but it says 'the requested operation requires elevation' what on earth does that mean??
Then I tried ipconfig/renew but got 'unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out.

Sheesh, its all gobbledygook to me, lol!


  Quiller. 18:43 12 Apr 2008

Have you got Vista drivers for the modem? Netgear say that XP is the highest of the windows platform!
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