please help about linux

  habs2habs 10:47 09 Dec 2007

hi everyone

please i need your help.

I am using windows xp home edition,and i am thinking to try ubunto7.10 or kubunto as a second operating system,as dual boot.

but i have no idea how to install it,and how to format it if i don't like it.

-Is there any websites to tell me how to install,and how to format linux if i don't like it?
-Does ubunto,kubunto works with all the games such:call of duty1,2,unreal tournament,panzer elite action, delta force,etc...?

Which software to download to be able to have dual boot(windows xo,and linux)

There are a lot of operating system from linux,please click here to see by yourself;
click here

I am thinking to buy from this website, linux ubunto 7.10:£3.50

i am so confused to choose from,which one do you think is better?

on my pc i have:

-amd 3400+,2.2 ghz
256 sapphire 2600 xt graphic card agp interface
1.5 gb memory ddr
asus k8v se deluxe motherboard socket 754
3 internal hard disks (pata)C:,D:,F:
hp printer 5790

does linux os works with my pc.

Please i hope to hear from you very soon,and thank you in advance for your help


  crosstrainer 11:13 09 Dec 2007

Is free. Download from:

click here

This site is the official Sun site...Read the info carefully, and then choose...(Don't pay)

  alternator 11:15 09 Dec 2007

Look at this post, it should answer your questions
click here

  alternator 11:17 09 Dec 2007
  habs2habs 13:04 09 Dec 2007

for crosstrainer and alternator;thank you for your quick reply.

please which operating system to choose,they have ubunto,kubunto,suse etc...

-What is the difference between them ?
-can i play any game i want as i mentioned before,by using any of these operating system?
-are all the software is compatible with those operating system,such:antivirus,anti spyware,anti malware,firewall etc...

Thank you again for all your help

  crosstrainer 13:54 09 Dec 2007

It really is your choice....All can be dual boot, and in alternator's post's you should have all the info that you need....Thing to remember is a very low spec system will happily run any Linux / ubunto clone....Hardware depends though.

This does not mean you will lose your windows installation....That depends upon how much space you have available.

  LastChip 16:17 09 Dec 2007

Some explanation.

There are dozens of Linux "distro's" available and much of what you will choose, will be determined by what you want to do. (a distro is a combination of software that makes up the whole operating system).

The Ubuntu/Kubuntu family have been a popular choice for many, not least because the distro has provided an ease of installation by way of a "live CD". This means you run the operating system from the CD and if you like it, click on an icon on the desktop and it will install for you. Can't get much easier than that!

For people coming from Windows, I personally think PCLinuxOS is an even better choice. It's very "Windows" like in it's operation, will run from a live CD and is extremely stable. click here

Almost all the mainstream distro's will set up a dual boot automatically for you.

With all due respects to crosstrainer, I would not recommend Solaris to a new user. Though there's nothing wrong with it, it doesn't have the depth of community support of the other mainstream distro's and when you're starting with something new, this is an important element to consider.

I would recommend you read the following links for helping yo to make an educated choice. Although when I wrote them, they focused on PCLinuxOS, much of the content would apply to whichever Linux system you use.

click here

click here

click here

That will take about 15 minutes or so of your time, but hopefully, will provide you with a better understanding of what you're about to embark on. There are also other pages on that site you may find useful.

Finally; don't fear Linux. It's an excellent operating system that I use almost exclusively myself now. This post has been written on my Debian machine, which is yet another available distro.

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