Please Help!!!

  budget84 10:14 01 Mar 2011

Please guys I need your help!

I've planned for a while to stay at home today to work from the computer at home (dell laptop).

I cannot access the internet! I have tried different browsers but it just won't load. I am connected to the internet, it says that I have excellent connection but when I click on a browser like IE, google chrome etc the page appears but it is blank and won't load at all!

I have restarted the laptop a number of times, I have also turned the router off and back on again but it hasn't helped! I don't understand as it says I am connected.

I desperately need the computer for work today. I am writing this from my blackberry at present but unfortunately the software I need for work cannot be used on my phone!

Please help! It will be much appreciated! Thank you!

  RobCharles1981 10:31 01 Mar 2011

"Please Help!!!"

Is not a sensible tittle you should name it something more appopriately.

  budget84 10:37 01 Mar 2011

I was writing quickly from my phone as I need the internet working as soon as possible, I thought it was appropriate as I do need help with it?!

I have no idea how to change the title from my phone as its a different layout to the website and I don't have time to look up how to change it either.

Does anybody have any actual advice on the issue I have discussed in my previous post? Thanks

  Nontek 10:44 01 Mar 2011

Try the suggestions shown here ...

click here

Good luck.

  Clapton is God 10:46 01 Mar 2011

System Restore to a time BEFORE you were last able to connect successfully?

  Woolwell 10:52 01 Mar 2011

It would be helpful to know your OS.

Can you access the router from the laptop?

The information states that you have a good connection to the router only. Is the router actually getting connected? Are all lights showing correctly?

  budget84 11:06 01 Mar 2011

Thank you Notek but unfortunately that didn't work :(

Clapton - yes this was my next plan of action, I will try that next!

Woolwell - I'm on Windows XP sp2.I don't know what you mean by being able to access the router from my laptop? It is all wireless conections and it automatically connects when I turn on laptop. One of the green lights on the router is flashing constantly but unfortunately I have no idea if this is normal as. We have moved so we have only had this router for a month so not used to what it is meant to look like yet. Its a virgin media netgear router the power light is on, the next light up which looks like a double arrow is on but the light above that which is a tick is flashing?!

Thank you all so much for your advice so far!

  budget84 11:42 01 Mar 2011

System restore did not work either :(

  ACOLYTE 11:49 01 Mar 2011

The one with a tick is telling you the unit is not ready and no got a strong signal.This on my set up is the one i have conected to the outside cable,and i have a rounter connected off of this box to the pc.
Try turning the unit of at the mains and wait a few seconds then turn it back on.
There could also be a problem with the service,i would say check online but as you cant,i wont :).
Btw my set it is for cable BB,dont know if your is the same.

  Woolwell 11:56 01 Mar 2011

You must have configured your router. How did you do that?
From what ACOLYTE has stated it would appear that your broadband is down. Suggest you contact your ISP and have it checked.

  budget84 12:07 01 Mar 2011

Right...just rang Virgin Media. Our area is down at the moment and willl not be up and running until 6pm!!!

Absolutely typical when I chose today to work from home lol!

Thanks for all your help guys! Its much appreciated!

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