Please Help!!!

  SonnyB 20:54 12 Dec 2008

I have just bought a highly specified pc. It is just a base unit, dual core, 4gb ram etc.
There is absolutley nothing installed as I want to start by installing Vista. However when I turn it on the monitor says 'no signal' and goes into standby. The monitor is all that is connected. With no o/s or anything installed what SHOULD I see? Where do I start?
Any help appreciated.

  citadel 21:04 12 Dec 2008

you change first boot device to dvd drive in bios, save. then restart pc with vista disc in draw and it wil install. change first boot device back to what it was later.

  MAT ALAN 21:04 12 Dec 2008

With no o/s or anything installed what SHOULD I see?

NOTHING !!! good place to start would be to insert O/S disc and install it...

  STREETWORK 21:14 12 Dec 2008

you need to boot into the bios (hopefully its installed).

As the PC boots up press the del key repeatedly.

This should bring up the bios window. Select the boot device and set it to the D drive. Insert the vista disk into the drive and save/close the bios window.

Reboot the PC and the installation should begin...

  cheap 22:12 12 Dec 2008

Open up pc and check that graphics card is seated firmly in place. The best way is to pull it out and re-fit.

  chub_tor 23:03 12 Dec 2008

I don't think that reseating the graphics card is the solution as if all SonnyB is doing is switching on with no OS installed then the message that he is getting is the one that you would expect. MAT ALAN and STREETWORK have given good advice as to what he needs to do next.

  Ozy 23:17 12 Dec 2008

if a signal is getting through, you would get the bios, and ntldr is missing,if the os disc is not set for first boot.
it seems that no signal is going to the monitor
could be anything thats at fault,
graphics card, memory, mother board, psu.
change one thing at a time to find the fault

  woodchip 23:24 12 Dec 2008

'no signal' me.s the computer is not working, have you first turned the power switch on at the back near to the fan? if you have and still not working. Take it back

  SonnyB 00:05 13 Dec 2008

Many thanks, all it is sorted. There were two sets of monitor inputs and I was using the wrong ones.
HOWEVER, I specced and paid for a pc with 4gb of ram and this only shows 3gb. Should Vista 'see' all 4? Do I need to go back to the seller (EasyPC on ebay) and tell him he has fitted 1 gb less than I paid for?

  canarieslover 07:44 13 Dec 2008

No. Wait until you have installed SP1 as I believe that will enable you to see the full 4gb. You still won't be able to use it all unless you install a 64 bit operating system. It is a waste of memory fitting more than 3gb with a 32 bit OS.

  SonnyB 11:48 13 Dec 2008

Thanks, canaireslover, thats worth knowing. Can I download SP1 from m/s website?
Why would 4gb be offered if it cannot be used?
Does Vista have a 64bit operating option?

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