Please explain what Dual layer DVD means please

  Doire_Bhoy 09:10 08 Nov 2005

Bought a new pc lastnight. Havent opened it yet as i did a 12 hr shift yesterday at work and im doing one today and tommorrow.
I saw a pc for £500 and wanted one with a cd-rw but could only see that it had a dual layer dvd player on it. Thje guy in the shop said that it has both.
However there isd no mention of a cd-rw on the box it came in.

So what is a dual layer dvd and does in incorporate a cd-rw in it?


  PaulB2005 09:13 08 Nov 2005

DVD writer also burn to CDs so you have a DVD-Writer ands CD Writer in one drive.

Dual layer allows you to burn twice as muh data (8.5 Gb) to a dual layer DVD than a standard (4.7 Gb) DVD.

Dual Layer drives are the most common types of drive now even though the Dual Layer Discs are still quiet expensive.

  Doire_Bhoy 09:23 08 Nov 2005

Cheers PaulB

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