Please explain .com and and error message

  mooly 19:11 05 May 2009

Sent an email today and it bounced, no such address Strange, someone I email a lot. Sent it again... all same address, and this time no error message. OK then, still puzzled looked back and find their address has somehow changed in my "contacts" to a .com address. Nothing I have done ! But resending (still on the "wrong" .com) and no error message.
So what's the difference anyway ? I tried emailing myself putting mine as a .com instead of and it seemed OK.

  mgmcc 20:51 05 May 2009

.COM and .CO.UK are totally different domain names and not interchangeable.

However, someone could register both domain names and then set one up as a redirect to the other, so that it didn't then matter which address mail was sent to.

  mooly 07:23 06 May 2009

Thanks for explaining that...
I can't explain what has happened to me. This person has a address. So a few weeks back I added it to "contacts" (with bt yahoo)one click does it automatically and thought no more of it. When I look now in contacts though it's set itself up as a .com

  Taff™ 08:05 06 May 2009

When I had a breathemail account my e-mail address ended in .net although .com would also work with no interference from me. I therefore concluded that breathe automatically forwarded mail to either account to my default e-mail address.

When someone sets up an e-mail account in Outlook you have the option of entering a return address. If that person actually puts into that field it will appear in the header of the e-mail sent to you when in actual fact the default, given my first paragraph, was in fact .com.

That`s my theory!

  mooly 08:17 06 May 2009

Thanks... think I understand.

  mgmcc 08:28 06 May 2009

BT Yahoo do appear to have both the "CO.UK" and "COM" addresses (with "CO.UK" redirecting to "COM"), so it may not matter which you used in an email address.

You could check if the same applies to your recipient's domain by checking the websites:


www,domain_name,com [replace "commas" with "dots"]

  mooly 13:00 06 May 2009

Thanks, it appears to be registered.

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