Please demystify S/PDIF (5.1 audio??)

  Raywood 07:57 01 Oct 2005

Hi, I am looking to try 5.1 surround sound audio on my laptop computer (Clevo D400s based). I have a S/PDIF port on my computer for 5.1 audio. However when I look into various speaker systems I find a number of them require 3 or 4 outputs. Are S/PDIF speakers rare or what other names does S/PDIF go by??

  PC Bilbo 08:23 01 Oct 2005


This stands for Sony/ Philips Digital Interface .

Jointly introduced by the aforementioned corporations it is a file system that allows you to transfer digital media from one device to another without first having to convert to analogue thus preserving the digital integrity.

The ports you refer to are for the hardware links.

  gudgulf 11:08 01 Oct 2005

The S/PDIF connection is more widely used on hi-fi a/v amplifiers than computers.Which means it is more difficult to find pc equipment to match.

The S/PDIF connection feeds the raw digital signal from your pc,so you need something with a built in decoder for the digital signal,This will limit your choice to some of the more expensive speaker sets around.

The only thing I have found that might do the job is the Creative 7700 7.1 speaker set which lists a coaxial digital connector in the info click here

The S/PDIF connection is normally referred to as a co-axial digital connector.It might be worth paying a visit to the Creative website and checking the full product range click here

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