Please comment on my new web-site.

  Ross Murray 16:29 05 Nov 2007


I am currently in the process of development myself a portfolio site (I am an HNC Multimedia student). The current address is click here.

The site is designed using photoshop and director and exported to shockwave.

It is still very much in development but I'd like comments on design etc.

I'm planning on having audio commentry for all content, as well as mouseover animation on the links/ buttons.

Please comment on the progress

  CodeMeister 17:59 05 Nov 2007

It leaves about two thirds of the screen blank when viewed with a screen resolution of 1023 X 768.

It is totally reliant upon the Macromedia Shockwave 10.0 plugin being installed.

The user has to effectively download the entire site, before they can view the first "page" and as the site gets more content, the size of the Flash movie will become quite considerable, especially for those still on "dial-up".

Apart from that, it's not bad.

  Forum Editor 20:04 05 Nov 2007

many visitors will simply go away when they get a message from their browser saying "Click to run an ActiveX control on this page"

These days people are very wary of allowing anything to run on their machines the instant they land on your homepage, and if you ever want a site to really succeed you will avoid autoring your pages in Flash. It can look very nice,and it's certainly great fun to work with Flash, but the days of all-Flash sites are long gone I'm afraid - unless there's a specific relevance, like a gaming site, for instance. Apart from anything else Flash page content usually takes far longer to update, and that alone is a good reason for avoiding it in any commercial context.

Go for nice clean HTML pages - your visitors will feel safe and the site will run faster. 22:38 05 Nov 2007

and closed the window I'm afraid.

  computerboy 19:46 06 Nov 2007

it worked for me but then I user Opera so it works it opera, it was quite small Ross

  HNC Ross 21:13 06 Nov 2007


I'm Ross from the first post. For some reason I can't login on the above account (I've always had problems with it) even copying and pasting the password from the reminder email says its wrong!

Thanks for the comments so far.

I'll give you all the full story.

The site idea was born in 45mins to an hour! We were designing graphics in my graphics class and I got the idea for the interface. The graphic I was working on was only 500 px wide and I realize this is far from ideal, even when designing for a resolution of 800 x 600.

Once the graphics were made I thought I'd put it together in Director just to see what it looked like.

Gathering from the replys its certainly not good to have a whole site in shockwave so I'll take that on board! your comments have been very valuable.

I plan to redevelop the interface for delivery using CSS and HTML with a min width of 800px!

The thing that interested me from this feedback was the things about flash being old! I thought this was a (fairly new) way of developing sites with the increase of broadband connections.

Erm.. regarding the comment about audio commentary above. As a HNC student I've have been told to consider design for the 3 user groups visual impaired, motor impaired and able bodied users.

The audio commentary would have also been an option so as not to cause problems. This was aimed at aiding visually impaired users.

Also, the idea was also that the "site" could also be easily packaged for delivery as an executable interactive cd-rom.

Thanks alot for all feedback,

  Big cog 22:38 06 Nov 2007

To much like hard work

  brundle 23:45 06 Nov 2007

Flash is a no-no for people with visual impairments,
if their impairment is serious enough to need audio commentary they will most likely have something already in place such as Jaws and Flash sites are just a blank page to that (and Windows Narrator).

  Forum Editor 00:26 07 Nov 2007

it's been around for ten years as far as Macromedia is concerned - version 1.0 of Macromedia Flash was released in 1996, and I still have my original installation disks. A few years ago it was all the rage, and no self-respecting web designer was happy unless he/she had designed at least one all-Flash site.

Nowadays corporate clients in particular want fast-loading HTML sites, and although Flash still has its place - I have recently used it for small sequences to animate technical drawings on an engineering company's site for instance - I wouldn't propose an all-Flash site to a client these days. 01:53 07 Nov 2007

for the odd advert on my own site, or to demonstrate what can be done with it on my sample page but would not consider using it for the whole site, and as said above: Visually impaired visitors would already have audio installed. This will read from the on screen text.

  pyrocrafter 09:22 07 Nov 2007

I think it's a very good first attempt. The trouble is, when you're a student having to put these things together for course work, you need to include as many elements as possible to get good marks - I presume. Obviously, if you intended putting info on a CD Rom it would probably run faster but the design needs a lot of rethinking. The size is way too small and it does take ages to load. I don't really understand the comments on flash being old fashioned. Many large companies use flash all the time, which I also find really aggravating when I want some quick info. Websites need to be quick to load. The more gimmicks you add, the more you'll drive people away. A quick loading simple and easy to view website is much more inviting and easy on the eye. I hope this comment has been a bit more constructive than the criticisms above. PS: Spelling mistake on your site (your should be you're)Keep working at it. Good Luck!

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