Please check my HDD clone plan

  Pineman100 16:14 14 Dec 2008

I run XP and I backup with Acronis True Image 8.0 to an external HDD.

My computer is around 6 years old, and has worked hard. So, although I haven't had any indications of problems, I am a bit concerned about how long it will be before my hard drive gives up the ghost.

So I thought I would pre-empt any problems by installing a new hard drive in the computer. I have read up on the Acronis cloning function, but I would be grateful if you guys would just check my plan, to make sure I've fully understood cloning.

I shall install the new drive in my USB caddy, with the jumper set to master. I shall then set ATI to clone my C: drive to the new drive.

I shall then just switch the new drive into the computer's internal drive bay, and (here's the critical thing) if I understand things correctly, the computer will then happily boot from it exactly as it would have done from the old drive.

Have I got that right? Or have I missed out any vital steps? One thing I'm hazy about is whether the BIOS will recognise the new drive.

All advice welcome, please.

  Pamy 16:21 14 Dec 2008

As long as the drive is recognised in the USB caddy all should be as you think. I put mine in as a slave drive(in the computer) and then cloned C using Parragon software, but your method should work OK. You may have to increase the partion size if the new drive is bigger than the old one as the clone may well just be the exact same as the old one.

  Pineman100 16:39 14 Dec 2008

I do intend that the new drive will be larger than the old one. Do I understand you correctly that ATI will clone the partition size as well as the OS and data?

Will that also apply to any other partitions on the old HDD?

  Technotiger 16:47 14 Dec 2008

As recently as last week, I did exactly as you have described, to put a larger hard drive into my tower - and yes, when you boot up after swapping the drives over, you will not notice any difference until you look at your C:/ drive in your My Computer.

  Pamy 16:53 14 Dec 2008

I did not use TI, so I do not know how that works. When I cloned my C drive to my new larger drive it was an exact copy and only showed the smaller capacity, I then had to increase the partition size

  Technotiger 16:54 14 Dec 2008

PS - that was my first-time of doing a Clone with ATI, I just followed the on-screen prompts and the ATI Instructions which I had already printed in full. It really was a piece-of-cake, as they say.

  Pineman100 17:02 14 Dec 2008

Did you have to tell the BIOS to find the new hard drive?

  Technotiger 17:11 14 Dec 2008

Nope, just did a straight swap, then started up exactly as normal,

  canarieslover 17:14 14 Dec 2008

Bios will auto-detect the new hard drive.

  Technotiger 17:15 14 Dec 2008

PS - my old drive was 80Gb, the new one 160Gb. Keeping the old drive, now completely empty and formatted NTFS, to put into a little Christmas present which I have ordered for myself! Expecting delivery tomorrow or Tuesday.

Sumvision Cyclone 3.5 Inch SATA Media Player, from Eclipse Computers. Have a look on Google ...

  Pineman100 17:28 14 Dec 2008

Actually, having just installed a Freesat Plus PVR last week, I think I'm well set up for now!

But the old HDD certainly won't be wasted - I have plans for backing up my wife's computer on it.

Anyway, it looks as though my cloning plan is workable, so many thanks to everyone for your responses. Much appreciated.

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