Please can you help me update the Bios

  uesquebeathus 21:48 28 Sep 2007

Hi, guys, sorry if this is a bit heavy but I am a bit stck for a way to resolve this problem.

I have a problem with a next door neighbors computer , it came to me not booting I eliminated everything and found the CPU an AMD Athlone 2200 was not working, I replaced it with an 800 and got the pc to work, the boy decided to purchase an AMD Athlone 2000
I have put the new processor and the graphics card fan was not working so I replaced that also, the computer works. but there is still something wrong.
I feel a Bios update could resolve the settings but I cannot get ant update tools to work,
If I set the bios to safe settings and then try to reboot, it shows cpu2000+, reboot a few times nore and it goes back to 100Mhz cpu1250 if I set the CPU Mhz at 133Mhz and the multiplier at 1.2 I get the processor to run at the 2000+ as it is supposed to, but after switching it on and off a few times the Mhz drops to the base figure 100Mhz and the multiplier drops to 1.0 the processor then runs at 1250 instead of 2000+. the processor i used to test the motherboard id an 800Mhz so it did not require a multiplier so the problem was not there to see. I cannot get the bios/cmos to remember/hold the settings, I replaced the motherboard battery and reset the bios and saved it a few dozen times but the same thing keeps happening.
I have been to the motherboard (Pcchips848Alu) makers PC-Chips web site and downloaded the latest bios update m848a16 which was the last one issued, and they no longer support the motherboard. no more updates will be supplied from then.but the motherboard chip will not allow
itself to be updated. I have tried AFUDOS, AFUWIN, AMIFLASH, bios1351, and aminf342 (PcChips own Update tool), all have failed the message is "this motherboard does not support Flash, also AFU is not supported in this Bios,
I am a bit stumped
I do not know what caused the original damage, when I saw the machine two screws fell out of the case, they might have been the cause and short circuited a bit of the motherboard. but I cannot so far resolve this fault, and.this problem is a first for me,
I really hate to be beaten by this machine.

  Devil Fish 21:54 28 Sep 2007

is their anything like a bios protection function within the bios that is preventing you from writing to it

  uesquebeathus 03:17 29 Sep 2007

the boy tells me there is no password, but the password protection is grayed out, i cannot click on it to see or adjust. its like the entry for Auto adjusting the CPU it is set at manual and I cannot change it either

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