please can you help a lady this time

  Jade 14 G 14:25 05 Dec 2005

Have been trying 6 times to download zone alarm but message says l have to close the true vecter service down to install, haven't a clue what it is.
But reason l am downloading it is l have had it for 5 yrs and last week decided to download the zone with antispyware on as a trial, its awfull can't get anywere, can't get money out of paypal as password it not right but l know it is.
Have tried everywere for help, could one of the experts here that have helped me before,find time to help again as l am desperate as l work online teaching ,could you help me again.
Quick list
use aol XP
Even though l have twice tried to uninstall zone new security suite its still on my machine
Have tried system restore twice but its still here., am also scaared not having a active firewall on
Plus work online so could get the sack.

  Shortstop 14:40 05 Dec 2005

When I had ZA [some time ago] I remember that I got this warning when I was trying to upgrade and had Zone alarm running. All I had to do was close it down by right clicking on the [yellow & brown?] icon by the clock. If the icon is not there, have you pressed Ctrl+Alt+Delete & looked at the tab marker 'processes' in case ZoneAlarm is already running? If it is, right click & chose close then update & it should be OK.



  woodchip 14:51 05 Dec 2005

As above true vecter is part of ZonAlarm right click Icon in System tray and turn it off

  Stuartli 14:58 05 Dec 2005

I normally upgrade ZA after downloading it and with anything open still open...:-)

You have to make sure that you click Yes when asked about whether it's an Upgrade or a Clean Install.

  Jade 14 G 15:53 05 Dec 2005

Thanks for the answers, have checked ctrl alt and delete and its not there but the Zone security is on my machine but no icon in tray and l did go for clean install.
So have zone security centr thats been deleted but when l get the first page up its blank except the title and still am stuck with true vector, went to zone site for instant help and the first line was that l have third party cookies enabled, went back and altered it but it still said the same.

  Jade 14 G 15:55 05 Dec 2005

Can you explain the bit about upgrading it after downding it please.

  Jade 14 G 15:59 05 Dec 2005

I have altered them but there still saying l have third party enabled, am not to great on cookies but was sure l did the right thingbut could one of you tell me the correct thing

  Jade 14 G 16:02 05 Dec 2005

Just gone back to zone and its third party cookies that are blocked and they can't help till there altered and being sorting this since lunch yesterday brains fuddled what l do

  BB[big brother] 16:10 05 Dec 2005

well i had similar sort of problem with another firewall i.e firewall x-treme.and i was guided by the experts here to download [windows install clean up utility] from that u can remove zonealarm completly.then try it reinstalling

  Jade 14 G 16:23 05 Dec 2005


  BB[big brother] 16:24 05 Dec 2005

u can download this utility from this link

click here

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